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Proof Of Who Draws (And Who Doesn't) In WWE, Where I Stand On Daniel Bryan, Sting/WWE Update

- My friend Ciprian Danciulescu sent me the link to a very interesting chart of the 2013 Monday Night Raw quarter ratings broken down by performer. The graph reveals the performers that increased the audience and the performers that decreased the audience, including and excluding the overrun segment. Below is the graph:

- Not to belabor the point but I want everyone to know where I stand on the situation with Daniel Bryan. It's not that I feel Vince McMahon is stupid, I think he's stubborn. I don't think there is some type of anti-Daniel Bryan agenda in WWE, in fact I believe the opposite is true. I think WWE wants Bryan to succeed and booked him in the most prominent segments on this week's Raw because of that. However, I still believe what the fans want for Bryan at Wrestlemania and the direction Vince McMahon sees are two different things. I hope I'm wrong and Bryan gets his shot in a top match at Wrestlemania XXX but that wasn't the vibe I got from speaking with people that heard about the updated plans.

- For those that missed my update on the Sting to WWE rumors I added at this link, the last one of my lead sources heard was Sting was leading towards accepting WWE's offer. However, they had not heard a contract had been finalized but cautioned that could have changed at a moment's notice. Readers are already speculating about Sting's involvement at Wrestlemania and I would like to be able to confirm a contract before we go any further.

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