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Last week on RAW Talk, RAW's after show promo show for wrestlers to have chance to wow fans on the microphone, Peyton Royce did just that. 

Just watch it above and tell me it is not an amazing promo. She killed it and the fan response on Twitter was huge. It got 15.6K like, 1445 quote tweets, 2327 retweets and over 900 comments. Now this is just for the orginal tweet above, many of the quote tweets were from women superstars at WWE who also have huge following and there likes on their tweets of it averaged around 3.7K with Bayley's quote tweet getting 4.8K. Sticking just to tweets on WWE's own twitter page and not retweets and WWE On Fox tweets from March 8 when that promo happened and today a week later only one tweet came close to that in the twitter metrics. It was the breaking news tweet of The Bump where Molly Holly was announced to be in this year's Hall of Fame class. That breaking news tweet got 15.5K likes so very close and it did get more retweets with 3.7 but 400 less comments with a little over 500. The next closest tweet had 8.8K likes and it was a picture of the Karrion Kross and Finn Balor standoff that closed out NXT last Wednesday. 

So why am I ranting about social media metrics and why do they matter? Easy it is fan response of the promo and it is the thing that drew the most attention. Most WWE tweets do not break 4K and this one did by a lot and again I am not mentioning the metrics from quote tweets from other wrestlers. The video got fans talking mostly in support of Royce. Hopefully WWE took notice and is considering giving Royce more of a chance to shine on RAW. If they are not they need to pay attention and realize the fans are not just telling them something but yelling something at them! Push Peyton to the moon! She is talented in the ring and obviously a great talker. 

How would they go about pushing her? Well they have some openings right now with Lacey Evans being out because of her surprise pregnancy and Asuka possibly missing WrestleMania because of a current injury. Now it seems like the current RAW Women's Championship plan is Charlotte Flair versus Asuka but I think they should consider adding Royce to the miss and if Asuka can't go then vacate the title and make Royce versus Flair for the vacant title, and they could even add Rhea Ripley to the mix in either scenario. Of course they would have to give Royce a momentum gaining match, maybe beating a Baszler or Naomi or even Flair. 

Royce was over as part of the very well received IIconics tag team, then they split them up. It was reportedly to push Royce then they did not and instead paired her with Evans with Evans being at the forefront of the duo. It is time for Royce to get at least a chance to see how she does as she said in the promo. 

Now she does not need to be put right into the title picture to be pushed though. They could have her be Ripley's first main roster feud and have Royce shock the world by winning the feud in a match at WrestleMania. It is a two day card with a lot of openings apparently so far. Either way I hope WWE is going to give her a push and I think tonight is a good time to start, no time like the present!

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