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Randy Orton Ahead Of Schedule w/Shoulder Injury, Doesn't Need Neck Surgery

Randy Orton

Randy Orton took to his Instagram account to debunk a report by Dave Meltzer that stated he could need neck surgery. Orton stated Meltzer stated it as a fact but that's not the case, as the way I understood it was that it was a possibility. Here's what Randy wrote:

I see many of you think I need neck surgery. I heard weeks ago that Meltzer stated it as a fact. I don't keep up with gossip, so I didn't think anything of it. As far as my shoulder, I was cut on 12/8. Things are ahead of schedule and I'm pumped to get back to work. As far as my neck, and I'm only debunking this 'fact' for the sincerely concerned fans, I DONT need neck surgery. Remember, unless you hear about it on, you really should take everything you read online concerning pro wrestling with a grain of salt.

You can read the comments directly from Orton at this link.

What Orton does confirm above is that he had shoulder surgery on December 8, 2015 and that he's ahead of schedule. As we previously reported, WWE is expecting him to be ready by Wrestlemania 32, however, there were not plans for him to be in a main event match. Given all of the injuries and the fact Orton is ahead of schedule, plans could change.

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