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Randy Orton Breaks His Silence - Marijuana Use, John Cena Wanting Him Fired, What's Really Going On Behind-The-Scenes

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Randy Orton broke his silence on Twitter, answering followers about numerous issues.

One follower asked him if he was caught smoking weed in which Orton said, "I can neither confirm, nor deny." Another asked him about a report by a NEWZ site about John Cena wanting to get him fired and instead of responding to the claim, Orton took a crap on what he called the 'news' sites.

If you want to know what's going on behind-the-scenes regarding Orton, read this story.

Richard Reacts: Given the fact that 99% of wrestling websites are NEWZ websites with copy and pasted content posted over and over again, I really don't blame Orton for crapping on them. I don't care if it's a dig at WNW because anyone that reads WNW knows we are an entire different level than just about every other website out there. I post stories directly from backstage that prove to be true time and time again. I'll put the number of stories I've broken over the past 5 years up against any publication out there so it really doesn't bother me about any of the heat we may get. We know what we are doing but are only able to do it with your support and for that I say thank you.

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