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Rapper T-Pain On Smackdown Rap Battle, If It Got Too Personal, & Who Won

New Day Usos

Amusingly, rapper T-Pain commented on the Smackdown rap battle between New Day and The Usos seeing as how he has been teaming up with Xavier Woods lately on Twitch:

“I felt like they should have had me instead of Wale. I love Wale to death, that’s my brother. But I felt like I could’ve had a little more insight on that thing. I think the reason they didn’t get me is because I would’ve been a little biased. Not going to lie.”

He also talked about if he felt that New Day truly won the battle:

“I feel like they held it down. They did their thing. Kofi got a little confused at a couple points. But Big E held it down. Xavier always holds it down, me and him are always rapping on the phone so that’s always cool. But I’ve got to say man, Usos, they didn’t disappoint at all. They had it together. I think they had to watch some battles on YouTube beforehand, just so they can see how that works. And like Wale said, I don’t think it was fair because they’re twins and they share the same brain.”

Finally, T-Pain mentioned the reference that was made by Jimmy Uso to the Paige sex tape (that has since been removed from their video by WWE):

“Everything got a little personal after a while. But that’s what battles are. When you get into a battle, if you mess around and start losing a little bit then you know it’s starting to get personal. Things are going to get way deep into the history.”


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