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WWE Raw After Wrestlemania 36 Live Coverage (4-6-2020)

What will we see tonight on the Raw after Wrestlemania 36? WWE has said Wrestlemania 36 was the most socially interactive Wrestlemania in history. What will we see happen tonight? Who will join the Raw roster? Who will challenge the newly crowned Drew McIntyre? Stay tuned for live coverage and let's find out!

The first thing we see is a brief recap of last night's match in which Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Title. The first match tonight will be Liv Morgan vs Asuka. Liv Morgan beat Natalya last night and Asuka and the Kabuki Warriors lost the women's tag titles. Asuka starts this match hot but we see Liv battle back and punch at Asuka. Asuka does a hip attack onto Liv. Liv is on her knees and battles back and gets a two count. Liv goes to hit Asuka in the corner but Asuka sidesteps and Liv goes head first. Liv sends Asuka for a ride on the floor but Asuka then catches her with a kick. As we come back from commercial break we see Asuka stomp at Liv's left arm. Liv tries to battle back but gets a knee to the face from Asuka. Liv kicks out at two after the knee. Liv almost puts away Asuka and both women trade blows. Both are slow to get up and Liv catches Asuka with multiple clotheslines and sends her face-first into the canvas twice. Double stomp to the back from Liv and she gets a two count.  Asuka catches Liv with an armbar but Liv moves and gets a two count. Shining WIzard from Asuka and Liv breaks it with a foot to the bottom rope. Asuka catches Liv on the ropes but Liv battles back and Asuka battles to get the Asuka lock. Liv Morgan taps after Asuka puts in the body scissors. 

Winner: Asuka

We immediately go to a recap of the fight between Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Title that happened at WrestleMania 36. Becky Lynch retained her women's championship. We see Charly Caruso interviewing her post-match 2 nights ago. Becky says it feels wonderful to have a 365-day reign. She always looks for a counter and she says Shayna underestimated her but Becky didn't underestimate her. She also says that she has the heart over the skill of Shayna. We see Shayna repeat the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. She then promises that Becky will feel the agony of her defeat. There will be a rematch of the Raw tag team championship match and we will also see the highlights of the boneyard match tonight.

The rematch of the Raw tag team championships is up next. We see a brief recap in which at WM 36 the Street Profits retained against Angel Garza and Austin Theory. We also saw Bianca Belair get involved when she after Zelina Vega, Theory's and Vega's manager. Belair's involvement happened when Vega went after Belair's husband Montez Ford.  Garza and Dawkins start the match but Garza quickly tags in Theory. Both men are in a standstill until Dawkins and Theory jump over each other and Theory is brought down by a clothesline. Ford gets involved and Garza jumps in and  Garza and Theory get brought down by simultaneous kicks. Once back we see Dawkins working on Theory until Theory battles back catches him on the top rope and kicks him down. He teases Ford and tags in Garza. He holds up Dawkins for Garza and Garza takes down Dawkins and works on his left arm. Theory is tagged in and he also does a brutal attack on Dawkins. Dawkins catches Theory with a suplex and both men tag in their partner. Ford shifts the momentum and catches Garza with a dropkick and a DDT. Ford goes to the top rope and the referee catches Zelina Vega get involved. Vega kicks Ford and we see Bianca Belair come out. She takes down Vega and the Street Profits take out Garza and Theory. Belair announces she is the EST of WWE and is now in Raw. She tells Vega that she can't outrun because she is the fastEST and she wants her next. 

Belair and Vega are in the ring. Vega goes after Belair but Belair has her number. Vega battles back but is run down by Belair. Vega kicks and slaps Belair and Belair catches her by the hair and brings her down with a beat down. Belair swings Vega from side to side. She then buries her shoulders right into Vega's ribs. Vega sidesteps and Belair is sent into the post. Vega goes for the submission using the ropes and it is broken up and she then gets back to back two counts. Ford and Dawkins hype Belair up and Belair slams Vega. Theory gets involved and Ford and Dawkins quickly take care of them. This match ends in a DQ until Ford says to make it a family affair. It will now be a six-person tag match. Theory and Dawkins start. Ford is tagged in and he goes after Theory. Garza distracts and we see an attack from behind by Theory. He then slams Ford into the barricade. Both men get back in the ring and we see multiple shots and kicks by Theory. Theory is in command and we see Garza attack when the referee is distracted. Theory then works on Ford's left arm.  Ford begins to battle back until a clothesline and a kick out. Theory tosses Ford out of the ring and slams him into an apron. Ford scrambles for his corner but he is caught by Theory. Theory takes out Dawkins and Ford kicks him. Ford tags in Belair and she takes out Theory and goes for the pin until it is broken up by Garza. The Street Profits chase Garza and Theory out of ringside. Bianca Belair wins after a KOD to Zelina Vega.

Winner: Bianca Belair and The Street Profits 

We are told we will see the Boneyard match next and we will have Seth Rollins in actions as well as the aftermath after McIntyre's win. We then see a recap of the match between Aleister Black and Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley is interviewed by Charly Caruso and he says he needs a new match or a new wife. Lashley leaves once Lana shows up. Lana wonders what Charly did to her husband. We will see Aleister Black in action up next. 

Aleister Black and Apollo Crews are on now. We last saw Crews fighting Sheamus on Smackdown. Crews work on Black until Black goes for the cover. Black then works on Crews' left shoulder. Crew battles back and he catches Black's left arm. Black then goes for a chokehold but Crews gets up and breaks it. Crews gets Black on the floor and we cut to commercial break as both men try to break the other's hold. Both men continue to punch at each other and we see Black take a break and catch his breath against the barricade. Crews goes for the sneak attack but Black catches him on the outside. Black is taken down by a suplex.  Crews gets Black back in the ring and we see Black kick and try to take down Crews. After another kick, he does but gets a two count. Crews tosses Black face-first onto the floor. Black goes for Crews' leg and we see a  kick that takes down Black but we then see a huge kick by Black to Crews. Crews is on the attack and only gets a two count. He goes for the submission but Black is able to get up to break it. Black kicks and grabs a hold of Crews leg. Black then takes down Crews with multiple kicks. Powerslam by Crews only gets a two count. Crews does a kick and a slam to Black but he kick out at two. Crews punches Black into the corner until a kick by Black and a clothesline from Crews. Crews goes to the top rope for a splash but nobody is home. Black goes for the submission with a kneebar to the left leg and Crews breaks it by touching the bottom rope. Black goes for the Black Mass but Crews does his own kick and sends Black to the outside. Black takes down Crews but only gets a two count. Crews has a moment to gather himself. He limps to Black and Black continues to target the left leg and left knee. Black is on the top rope and we see a kick from Crews and then Crews joins him on the top rope and connects a superplex. Crews goes for the cover but Black kicks out at two. Crews gets Black up but the leg gives out and Black goes for strikes but then Crews does a powerbomb but Black kicks out. Crews does standing moonsault and a standing shooting star but Black kicks out. Crews clutches at his left knee and goes to the top rope but is caught by Black with a kick and then Crews sends Black face-first into the canvas. Crews jumps but is caught by a left knee. Black goes for the Black mass but is caught and crews kicks out. Black goes for the Black Mass and connects!

Winner: Aleister Black

We then see a recap of the Last Man Standing Match between Edge and Randy Orton. Edge was the last man standing. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet will be in action next. We are also reminded that we will take a look back at the Boneyard match tonight. 

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet team up against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Cedric is worked over by both Lorcan and Burch. Cedric tags in Ricochet who clothesline Burch. Burch tags in Lorcan and he gets a hurricanerana from Alexander. Burch breaks the pin and he gets tossed by Ricochet. Lorcan attacks Ricochet and Cedric tags in. Cedric does a series of fantastic moves to Lorcan. Lorcan tags in Burch and Cedric tags in Ricochet. Ricochet pins Burch after Alexander takes out Lorcan. 

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Ricochet

Up next we will see Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Once back we see a collection of the articles Wrestlemania inspired this weekend. We are shown the match between Owens and Rollins. After the match became a no DQ match we see Owens win after an elbow drop from the Wrestlemania sign. We see Owens say that the fight and the win against Rollins revitalized him. He says that he on to bigger and better things and from here on out the message and the mentality stay the same. This is the Kevin Owens show and he will continue fighting. Rollins comes out alone looks ticked off and walks slowly and methodically to the ring. He will be facing Denzel Bernett from NXT. Rollins immediately attacks and sends him into the corner. He stomps and kicks Bernett into the corner. He then sends Bernett out of the ring and into the barricade multiple times. Rollins drags Bernett into the ring and curb stomps Bernett for the win. 

Winner: Seth Rollins

We find out that Nia Jax returns tonight up next. Nia Jax will be facing off against Deonna Purazzo from NXT. Jax does multiple clotheslines to Deonna. She then does a Samoan drop and a DDT to pin Deonna.

Winner: Nia Jax 

We move on to the highlights replay of the Boneyard match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. This match was won by The Undertaker. 

We see Humberto Carillo battle Brendan Vick. Vick is on the attack for the majority of this match. Until a Crossbody by Vick and Carillo finally gets a kick in. Moonsault into Vick and then a moonsault from the top rope to win. We will hear from the new NXT Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair next. 

We see a replay of Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship. We see Charlotte interviewed by Charly Caruso. She says that it's the woman who makes the title. She lists of her championships and says that Ripley was alright and she has now been forced to bow down to The Queen. We then see another highlight replay of Drew McIntyre's win against Brock Lesnar. Up next we will see what is being called the shocking aftermath of his win.

After the show last night, McIntyre came out to the ring and was interview by Sarah Schreiber. He says that hasn't grasped it but he has taken the time to get the plates changed. He says thank you to Paul Heyman. He heard Heyman say to Lesnar to continue to give him the F5s. He said every F5 just made him angrier, and he would have done as claymores as it was needed. The Big Show appears with a referee and a mic. He says that there is a full locker room with competitors and he says that he is a big man but not a big giant. Big Show says he is not challenging for the title but he just wants a match with McIntyre. McIntyre does not want to fight right now. McIntyre does not want to fight Big Show until Big Show slaps McIntyre. 

The WWE Championship is on the line and a kick to the face by Drew to the Big Show. He is then clotheslined and beat down by the Big Show. Big Show jumps on McIntyre. McIntyre begins to fight back but he is once again bulldozed by The Big Show. We see a set of big chops from the Big Show and a set of punches to the back. Another slam to McIntyre. Big Shows asks what McIntyre is made of as Drew tries to recover on the corner. Big Show goes for a chop but McIntyre counters until he is caught and McIntyre does a big slam to the Big Show.  McIntyre goes to the top rope and he is caught into a chokeslam and Big Show only gets a two count. A claymore by McIntyre and he retain his title 20 minutes after winning it. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Well, it was a pleasure to cover Raw tonight! What did you think of McIntyre vs Big Show? Were you excited about the returns and the debuts we saw tonight? Stay tuned for any breaking news and for live coverage. 

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