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Raw LIVE Results February 17th 2020

Tom Phillips announces Drew Mcintyre Vs MVP for tonights show. The king informs us of Seth Rollin's Sermon. Randy Orton is out for his no holds barred match with Matt Hardy. Footage from last weeks attack on matt hardy was played. WWE's video magic worked pefect with the crowd booing for the 1st minute. Randy gets on the mic and tells us that after last weeks attack he will not face Matt Hardy tonight. However Matt is still trying to get cleared. Matt comes to the ring in a neckbrace and  street clothes. He trys to get Randy to confess why he did what he did to Edge.Matt then says he has grit and that Matt Hardy will not die.Randy says Matt should have left last week while he could still leave on his own two feet. Randy says no one will get to no what he did and that he respects Matt and Edge and says he loves Edge like a brother and that hes sorry Randy leaves the ring. He gets to the ramp and takes his jacket off as Matt grabs a chair. Randy walks back to the ring. Hardy swings the chair but Randy ducks and hits Matts neck on the rope. The viper then hits a RKO to the injured Hardy. Orton starts to wail on Hardy with the chair. Randy takes off Hardy's neck brace and teases a  Con- Chari-To. He then drags Hardy to the outsde and puts Matt's head on the second layer of the steps and finally hits a Sinister Con- Chair-To. The viper follows with a second Cpn-Chair To and continues to say sorry to the camera as the Opening  segment comes to a close.

Orton Killed Matt

We come back from commercial and commentary does a good job of putting over the attack we just saw  a little bit ago. We see that Matt Hardy was taken out on stretcher.

Erick Rowan vs Aleister Black

Funny moment where Black just stared at the cage. Black immeaditley starts the match with a knee. Black starts with some offense and takes Rowan outside where he goes for a moonsault but lands on his feet and Rowan hits a running crossbody. Back from commercial and Rowan has control.  On the outside Black hurricanrannas Rowan into the post. Black then hits a moonsault on the oustide to the big man. Allister takes control with some strikes. Including a knee for a nearfall.Rowan hits a powerbomb for a 2 count. Rowan goes for the Iron claw slam and Allister Black hits  black mass Rowan falls to his knees and gets hit with a second black mass. The dutch destroyer gets pin and the win to end a pretty entertainng match.

Up next Charlotte Flair explains her descion to face Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania.

Charlotte shows footage of her attacking Rhea Ripley at Takeover. The queen says she went to see who told Rhea she could challenge her to a match at Wrestlemania. She brings up the history of her days in NXT. She the says she put the NXT Womens Championship on the map. The queen also says she will humble Rhea at WrestleMania and that everyone is the next big thing until they are not.

Riddick Moss (C) vs Mojo Rawley Vs R Truth  Triple threat match for the 24/ 7Championship

The match starts with no introductions and gets right to the action. Truth goes for a pin on moss but Rawley kicks out. Truth does the Cena comeback on Rawley with 5 knuckle shuffle. He goes for the AA.Mojo hits hyperdrive on Truth but is rolled up and pinned by Moss. R Truth hits a scisors kick on Mojo after the match.

Drew Mcintyre vs MVP

Drew Mcyntyre comes to the ring. Mcintyre gets the crowd to all point at the Wrestlemania sign. Drew says suplex city is in claymore country. Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman teases that Brock Lesnar is going to come out. Heyman tells Mcintyre he just wanted to let Mcintyre here the name that will be said after the beast beats Ricochet at Super Show Down and Mcintyre at Wrestlemania. After Mcintyre fires back at Heyman Heyman brings out MVP. MVP says him and Drew have issues. MVP says he thought him and Mcintyre were friends and that Drew cheap shotted him last week. MVp then hits Drew with the mic and unloads on Drew. Drew hits a big boot out of the corner and unlads with strikes on MVP. After some control by Drew the Rumble winner hits the Futureshock DDT followed by the Claymore countdown ? (is that what they are calling it) Anyway Drew picks up the win.

Recap shown of Shayna Bazler's attack last week.

Becky comes out and dumps a bag of money that she claims is a down payment of the dmages shes gonna cause to Shayna Bazler. Becky says she is not prey and runs down the women shes beaten. Shayna appears on the tron. Shayna says the chamber match is layed out for her and that she will "chew" through every competitor in the match. Shayna then says shes gonna tear the living sh** out of Becky. Becky says she is gonna be keeping an eye on the elimination chamber and that she is rooting for Bazler.

Lana and Lashley and Zelina Vega and Angel Garza are backstae lana says she put this match together to pair 2 couples together. Vega says its all business. Garza says hes a ladies man and that Humberto Carillo will find out no one can touch Garza.

Rusev and Humberto Carillo vs  Bobby lashley and Angel Garza 2 w/ Lana and Zelina Vega

Lashley and Humberto start the match. Humberto uses his quickness but Lashley uses his power. Garza is tagged in. Garza takes control of his cousin but humberto comes back with armdrags and cross bodies. Rusev takes Lashley off the apron. Garza dropkicks Humberto and takes his pants off and gets a kiss from a girl in the crowd Humberto hits a dive on Garza. Rusev gets the tag and attacks lashley some back and forth by the teams. Humberto dives on garza and is hit by a spear by Lashley. Rusev machka kicks Lashley in the ring Rusev headbuts garza from the top. Rusev goes for the accolade but garza slips out. Bobby Lashley interferes and  Garza rolls up Rusev for the 3 count.

Kairi Sane w/ Askua vs Natalya

The Kabuki warrios start speaking Japanese.  Askua asks Natalya how her eye is. Kairi says they dont care. Askua then says she will defeat Natalya in the chamber. Kairi starts taunting Natalya. Natalya then takes control with a stalling suplex for a near fall. She goes for a sharp shooter but Kairi gets to the ropes. The ref restrains Natalya and Kairi hits a spinning backfist for a near fall. Sane takes control. Nataly comes back with an atomic drop. but  Kairi comes back. Askua gets involved and clocks Nataly with a nasty kick behind the refs back and Natalya is out cold . Kairi Sane wins by countout.

A sermon from the Monday Night Messaiah

Buddy Murphy and the AOP are in the ring as Murphy stands at a podium. Murphy introduces Rollns as the man who single handedly saved Raw. Rollins shakes all of the fans hands as he walks to the ring. Rollins thanks the fans for making him the Monday night Messaiah. Rollins says management made this a sermon. He then says we are here tonight to celebrate progress the future and moving forward in his groups vision. Rollins says they have completed phase one when they defeated Owens Joe and the viking raiders. Rollins says now its time to eradicate. He says he is the gospel. Rollins says non compliant will suffer like the weak. The viking raiders run down and attack AOP.  The viking raiders clean house andErik hits a wicked knee to Murphy. Meanwhile Owens hits a stunner on Rollins on the Ramp.

Backstage Charly Caruso interviews Rollins and the disciples. Rollins says the AOP and murphy will face Kevin Owens and the viking raiders.

The OC and a returning AJ Styles ! make their way to the ring.

AJ says hes back and says WrestleMania season would be nothing without him. The OC hype up AJ. Karl Anderson says AJ is the new Mr Wrestlemania. AJ says hes the best on any brand or generation. AJ says critics say hes not who he used to be. The phenomenal one says hes gonna win the gauntlet match and asks whos next. He says he doesn't care who it is he name drops Brock lesnar, Drew Mcintyre, Ricochet, The Nwo Roman Reigns Shawn Michaels and interestingly.. The Undertaker. Ricochet comes out. AJ berates Ricochet. Ricochet says he earned his opportunity. The OC laughs. Ricochet challenges Styles to a match right now. Karl Anderson accepts the challenge and says hes the toughest in the building,

Ricochet vs Karl Anderson

Ricochet takes control with his offense and dives on to Anderson. We come back and Anderson is taking control. Ricochet comes back. with spring boards and a crossbody followed by a standing shooting star. Ricochet goes for the 630. Anderson moves out the way and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Ricochet comes back with a super kick  and hits a detonation kick for the win.

Recap of the attack on Matt Hardy by Randy Orton. Tom let's everyone know that Matt has been taken to a local medical facility.

Charly speaks to Liv Morgan backstage. Liv cuts a nonsensical promo about her history with former friend Ruby Riott and the attack she sustained last week.

AOP and Buddy Murphy vs Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders

Time for the main event.  Kevin Owens and Morphy start. Owens immediately takes down Murphy. Erik tagged in. Erik takes control of murphy. Kevin owens gets tagged back and beats murphy down in his teams corner. Owens taunts AOP. Ivar tagged in and he does some damage to Murphy. Tags between owens team continues as Akam gets tagged in my murphy and him and Erik exchange blows. Viking raiders take each other in back and forth while doing tag offense and Erik takes control. AOP and Murphy get control for their team. Erik creates separation for the faces and gets a hot tag to Owens as Akam tags in Murphy. Owens gets soe offense in and takes control.  As the match continues AOP and Murphy dominate Owens. After a trio of superkicks to Murphy Owens tries to get the tag but is stopped.  The disciples continue the beatdown. Owens gets a big fore arm on Murphy and tags in Ivar as Akam gets the tag. Ivar cleans house. Baby faces get their stuff in with frequent tags as owens gets a frog splash on Rezar for a  near fall.  Murphy tagged in who eats a pop up powerbomb as AOP breaks it up. The viking Raiders dive onto  AOP. Owens stuns Murphy. Owens goes for the cover but is stomped by Rollins to cause a DQ. The disciples beat down Owens and Rollins gets on the mic and says Owens is getting what he deserves and that The disciples are gonna crucify Owens. The Street Profits come to the aid of Owens and help the viking Raiders take care of business . Ivar and Montez Ford ht simultaneous splashes on Murphy and and Akam. The baby faces stand tall to end yet another great Paul Heyman Era Raw .

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