Good evening wrestling world! We have another beautiful Monday night of Raw! Last week, we finally saw the Universal Champion come to the ring but on a negative note. How will Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman react to the assault that Lesnar gave them? How will Roman Reigns respond to Lesnar after last week? Stay tuned.


Tonight's show starts off with a recap of last week pertaining to Brock Lesnar. And Kurt Angle, with Baron Corbin, came to the ring and gave a preview of the show. He announced the Raw in-ring debut of Ronda Rousey. He took a shot at Brock Lesnar and explained his feelings to the WWE Universe. Paul Heyman's job is still at risk.

Roman Reigns interrupted the Raw GM. He basically is saying to Kurt "I told you so." Kurt Angle hopes that Reigns beats Lesnar down. Corbin interrupted and told Angle how unprofessional he is for not remaining neutral. Reigns told Corbin how he'd run off again if Lesnar was at Raw. Corbin tested Angle and Reigns, which led Angle to make a match between Reigns and Corbin. That match starts now!


As Angle called for the bell to ring, Corbin took a shot at Reigns and yelled at the Raw GM. He took the vest off and, as the referee was running to the ring, Reigns returned the shot at Corbin for the nearfall.

Coming out of the commercial break, Reigns and Corbin were both trading blows to gain an edge. Corbin used his deceptive speed against Reigns to put the match in his favor. He begins to wear The Big Dog down.

Reigns turned things around and knocked the Constable One to ringside. He followed up with the drive-by kick and continues the attack. Corbin ends up ringside after Reigns slide him back in the ring and Corbin catches Reigns off guard with the strike. He sends him crashing into the steel post, laying Reigns out in the process!

Out of another break, Corbin is in control. He's pretty much been in control of most of this match. Reigns breaks out of the hold and picks the momentum up. He got the nearfall after the Samoan Drop. Reigns is starting to feel it! He sets up for a Superman punch, locked and loaded, but Corbin caught him with an attempted chokeslam backbreaker. Reigns counters and goes off the ropes but, once again, Corbin catches him. This time, with a Deep Six and a nearfall. Corbin looks pretty frustrated that he can't put Reigns away. He had the End of Days in mind but Reigns counters.

Corbin ends up ringside and does his vintage slide-in but is caught by the Superman punch and another nearfall. Reigns is feeling it and sets up for the spear but Corbin wants to leave. Finn Balor comes out to stop Corbin from leaving and Reigns delivers the Superman punch. He sets him up in the ring and delivers the Spear for the win!


Reigns celebrates victory and Balor jumps in the ring! He drives Corbin into the corner and goes up to the drop zone. He gives Corbin the Coup de Grace! And that one was "Too Sweet!"

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey will be in action tonight for her in-ring Raw debut to take on Alicia Fox.

Last week, Ziggler interfered and stopped Rollins from pinning McIntyre. Rollins won that battle and walked out smiling. As Rollins was being interviewed, Ziggler and McIntyre attacked him. Angle told Rollins to find a partner and he'll face the two in order to deal with them all in one.

Next, "Glorious" Bobby Roode continues his beef with Mojo Rawley as they go one-on-one.


This match starts off pretty all over the place between the two. Neither of them can get control so far.

Mojo has control out of the break and is wearing the former US Champion down. He's straight up talking trash to him. He took too much time and gave Roode a chance to recover. The Glorious One builds the momentum and sets up for the Glorious DDT. Rawley backs Roode into the corner but Roode counters him. He climbs to the top and gets caught by Mojo. Roode counters, again, and into the Glorious DDT for the "glorious" victory.


Elias is backstage filming his documentary. He's making his appearance, next!

Elias is in the ring and has a question for the WWE Universe.... who wants to "Walk With Elias"?! His album is out and he claims he's changing lives daily. He has his documentary crew out with him as he's preparing for his song but is disturbed by the look of the WWE Universe (of course). He takes a shot at Bobby Lashley and as you would expect, Lashley took exception and interrupted him. Elias told Lashley that his entire comeback was a joke. Lashley basically says everything about Elias is a joke.

Elias causes a diversion and attacks Lashley. Lashley countered with a spinebuster and makes him pay. He calls for Elias' crew to come back in the ring and film him giving Elias the Vertical Suplex.

Tonight, Ronda Rousey will face Alicia Fox in her in-ring Raw debut.

Also, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre take on Seth Rollins and a partner of his choosing.

But up next, The Authors of Pain looks to get revenge on Titus Worldwide.

Tyler Breeze approached Seth Rollins about teaming up against Ziggler and McIntyre. He tried to do The Shield's vintage shtick but Reigns walked in and told Rollins that he has his back tonight.


Razar is beating the career out of Titus off the bell. He wears the former college football player down and is talking trash to the leader of Titus Worldwide. Titus tries to fight back and build momentum off the turnaround but Akam distracts him. Titus turns around into a boot from Razar and the big fella finishes him off with the slam.

WINNER by pinfall: RAZAR

Kevin Owens is getting his notes together because TONIGHT marks the return of the Kevin Owens Show! His guest is Jinder Mahal. the KEVIN....OWENS...SHOW! KO welcomes Mahal out and gives praise to Mahal's methods of peace. He stated that he has beaten Strowman and so has Mahal! He keeps cutting Mahal off from talking. He says that he's confident that he can beat Strowman for the MITB contract. KO says Mahal can too and calls Strowman to come out. Strowman's music didn't hit and KO says he doesn't want any of Mahal. The stage suddenly moves and out comes Strowman, dumping the entire stage over. He looks ready to fight and makes his way to the ring. He has accepted the challenge to face "The Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal.


Mahal seems to have no interest in facing Mahal. KO tries to take off with Strowman's briefcase but drops it as Strowman chased after him. The Monster runs back into the ring and KO sneaks off with the case again and Strowman chases after him again. Strowman catches him and, as he snatches the case away, he hits Mahal with it, causing a DQ. 


Strowman chased after Mahal and almost hit him with the briefcase. Singh comes up and bravely takes the briefcase from Strowman before he could. He lays him out and Mahal takes off. Strowman still wants a fight but no one wants those hands!

Up next, Ziggler and McIntyre take on Shield brothers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin approached Reigns and Rollins. Corbin told them that Reigns can't compete in this match since he already had a match. If he does, he'll forfeit the match. Rollins told Reigns that he'll figure something out. So unless something magical happens, this match is a handicap match.


Rollins and McIntyre starts off the match. Rollins slaps McIntyre and makes a run for it. He takes Ziggler out but Ziggler's distraction gives McIntyre an advantage. They begin to wear Rollins down.

Rollins tries to fight himself back into the match and builds momentum. He takes McIntyre out and buys himself time to recover. He gets back in to focus back on the IC champ. He delivers the suicide dive and sets up for the finish but the champ counters.

Rollins does another counter and bombs Ziggler to the corner. McIntyre snuck a tag and clotheslined Rollins. He tags the champ back in and they set Rollins up for the Claymore/Zigzag but Rollins flips the script and knocks McIntyre down. He rolls the champ up and McIntyre stops the count. Ziggler superkicks Rollins for the win!


"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is in action tonight as she takes on Alicia Fox.

But up next, Raw Tag Team Champions, The B-Team, are in action against The Revival!


Scott Dawson starts things off with Axel. Wilder tags in and goes to work on the former Paul Heyman Guy. Axel flips the script and tags his partner in. It didn't take long for Wilder to get Dallas into The Revival's corner and Dawson tags in. Their beautiful chemistry mixed with their immaculate ring awareness comes into play.

"No Flips, Just Fists" is looking like the right slogan for this one as The Revival is using that hard-hitting style to their advantage. Suddenly, Bray Wyatt's signature comes on and The Deleters appear in each corner in place of Dallas' and Dawson's respective tag partners. They attacked the two at the same time which resulted in a draw, finishing them off and making statements in Jacksonville.

WINNERS: No Contest

Tonight, Paul Heyman will be in an exclusive interview conducted by Renee Young.

Later, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is in action against Alicia Fox.

Paul Heyman is speaking with Renee Young and this man is in tears about the crumbling relationship with Brock Lesnar. He still considers himself friends with the Universal Champion. Renee Young asked a question that we all are wondering about. "Is there anyone else that you have your eye on?" He couldn't necessarily answer that question. He says he hasn't seen Lesnar like this since he first started working with him in 2002. He ended the interview by stating Reigns doesn't have a chance against this Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Earlier tonight, Strowman broke up The Kevin Owens Show. At SummerSlam, KO challenges The Monster for the MITB briefcase.

Seth Rollins has another shot at the Intercontinental Championship as he takes on Dolph Ziggler.

Alexa Bliss will defend her Women's Title against "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey.

And, finally, Brock Lesnar FINALLY defends his Universal Championship against "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns.

Up next, The Riott Squad are in action against Sasha and Bayley!


Liv Morgan and Sasha Banks start things off. Morgan clocks Banks with a right hand and goes to work. Banks flips the script after she rubbed it in a bit too much. Both sides make a tag and Bayley has the advantage. Sarah Logan, which that aggressive streak, sends Bayley crashing into the second turnbuckle off the counter and Morgan calls for the tag. She jumps off the second turnbuckle and stomps Bayley in the back, leaving Bayley to escape and recover at ringside.

Out of the break, Sarah Logan is wearing the former Women's Champion down. She's ragdolling her! Bayley counters and throws Logan out of the ring, looking for the tag to Banks. Logan pulls Banks off the apron and pulls Bayley to The Riott Squad's corner. Banks tries to get in and attack but the ref wants her out and is distracted! The Riott Squad gang up on her. Bayley gets a little bit of room, fight Logan off and tags Banks in. She's looking pretty energized getting into the ring! Bayley and Banks use their chemistry to lay Logan out and Morgan stops the two count.

Bayley gets Morgan out of the ring and goes for the dive off the apron. A person with a hoodie comes in and pulls Morgan out of the way, allowing Morgan to take advantage. The person takes their jacket off and it's revealed to be a returning Ruby Riott! Banks comes to help her friend and Logan rolls her up for the pin.


Next, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is on her way to the ring for her first match on Raw! The Baddest Woman on the Planet goes one-on-one with Alicia Fox!

Charlie Caruso is in the ring looking to interview Alicia Fox and Alexa Bliss. They don't want to hear any questions about Rousey. Bliss takes the microphone from Caruso and interviews Fox herself. She refers to Rousey, once again, as an overrated rookie. Rousey's music hits and she looks like she's ready for a fight!


Rousey has the most focused look on her face. Alicia Fox is just talking her head off and is stalling. Fox goes for the punch and Rousey catches her, throwing her to the ground and gives Foxy time to get herself together. Bliss tries to distract Rousey. Nattie comes to pull Bliss off the apron to help her friend out. Bliss pushes Nattie into the steel post. Fox takes advantage of Bliss' distraction. Rousey turns things around very quickly and has the edge.

Fox is once again outside of the ring and Rousey is putting the beatdown on her. She gets her back in the ring and Bliss goes for another distraction. Rousey isn't going for that! She locks the armbar in and makes Foxy tap!


Charlie Caruso interviewed Rousey and Bliss tries to attack her from behind. Rousey flips her and gives her a message! She's coming for the title at SummerSlam!

Hope you all enjoyed the show tonight! See you back her tomorrow for Live Coverage of Smackdown Live! Have a wonderful night.

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