Happy Raw Before Summerslam everybody! As we head into Sunday, who can pick up the momentum? Stay tuned for an exciting night!


We start off tonight's show with "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey! The crowd is erupt and on their feet for her! She let the WWE Universe know about the passing of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, following up with the importance that a father has in all of our lives. Alexa Bliss has cheated to defeat Nattie multiple times but Ronda vows to beat Bliss for the title at Summerslam to become the new Raw Women's Champion. And introduced the "She-nom" Ember Moon, who will be facing Alexa Bliss tonight.

Bliss came out and provoked Ronda Rousey in addition to the WWE Universe. She still says that Rousey is an over-hyped rookie. She stated that she's sick of all the things that comes with Ronda Rousey week after week and the things that Raw GM Kurt Angle allows and doesn't allow. She spoke with Baron Corbin and he suggested that Bliss hires her own personal security, warning Rousey to not even try to attack her. Alexa Bliss heads to the ring with her guards and Alicia Fox, pushes Moon into Rousey as she exited the ring and mocked her once more. Rousey ran into the ring and laid out every one of those security guards.

Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon start tonight's Raw off, next!


Ember Moon starts the match off with the speed and advantage, wearing the champ down early. Bliss tries to regroup at ringside and is distracted by Rousey's presence. Moon gives her the baseball slide and quickly bring this one back inside. Bliss can't seem to keep an edge on Moon and has to regroup on the outside once again.

Out of the break, Bliss turns things around and begins to wear her opponent down. Moon tries to get back into this one but the champ keeps her down. They both display pinning combos with all near falls. Bliss mocks Moon and that just fires her up! Moon delivers the energy and gains momentum! Just as she's about to put the champ away, Fox jumps onto the apron to stop her and Rousey comes to the rescue.

Bliss helps Fox out and lays Rousey out. This distraction causes Moon to recover and set up for the finish, but Fox breaks up the pin to end the match. As she goes to continue what she started, Rousey jumps into the ring and gives 3 armdrags to Fox, kicking her out of the ring in the process.


Will we see Rousey come out on top at SummerSlam the way she did tonight? We will find out in six days!

Tonight, The B-Team defends their Raw Tag Team Championships against The Deleters and The Revival in a Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match! Will they retain their titles?

Two weeks ago, we saw Brock Lesnar come out and address Kurt Angle after Angle nearly terminated Paul Heyman's contract. This ended with Lesnar giving Angle an F-5 and then, turned to Heyman, laying him out in the ring.

Last week, Renee Young interviewed Heyman and wanted to know his thoughts on Reigns' chances against Lesnar at SummerSlam. Heyman almost gave an ultimatum of Reigns but cut himself off and excused himself.

Tonight, Reigns will address the WWE Universe on what's at stake.

Angle was backstage with Corbin and let him know that he didn't like him going to Stephanie about everything behind his back. Corbin, of course, doesn't care. Corbin is in action, next!


Corbin handpicked Tyler Breeze as his opponent for tonight. He's just displaying pure strength and size against Breeze. Breeze tries to fight his way back against the Constable One but Corbin, quickly, flips it back around and is back to wearing The Fashion Police down. Breeze tries to use his athleticism and speed but Corbin counters it into the finisher for the win.


Corbin announced that Finn Balor's opponent for tonight is former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. Mahal made his way to the ring and Corbin announced that Balor will be in a handicapped match. Kevin Owens was announced as his other opponent! 

Before the bell rang, Raw GM Kurt Angle came out to add to the match. He opted to make this match a tag team match instead! The Monster, Braun Strowman, will be Balor's partner! This match takes place, next!


Balor and Mahal start things off, Mahal with the early mind games. Mahal gets to wearing Balor down early and cuts him off from tagging in Strowman. He brings KO in and he picks up where Mahal left off. The first two Universal Champions in history, with KO softening Balor up. Mahal tags in and gets a few licks before tagging KO back in. Balor counters and tags The MITB holder in, leading KO to run into his corner pretty fast to tag Mahal back in.

KO jumps the barricade, hides as Braun knocks Mahal out of the ring and slides him back in. Strowman is throwing The Modern Day Maharaja around like a dog toy! Balor gets the tag back in and picks up for his team. Mahal ends up ringside. As Balor goes for the suicide dive, KO distracts him and Strowman comes to the rescue! Little did KO realize, he was set up for the suicide dive from Finn to him and Mahal, executed to perfection!

During the break, Mahal turned things over to give his team the edge. The bad guys are doing their best to control this match over Finn Balor. Balor is fighting to get The Monster into the ring but KO and Mahal are stopping that from happening! Balor gets a little bit of breathing room to tag him in and Strowman looks like a bull being released. Strowman uses Singh as a battering ram to take out KO on the outside of the ring. He goes after Mahal and Mahal tries to knock the big man down but nothing works! Strowman counters Mahal into a powerslam for the win for his team!


Strowman had his eyes locked on KO and went after him. Finn Balor just watched on and, out of nowhere, Baron Corbin gives Balor the End of Days, mocking him in the end!

We are all still waiting on the arrival of Seth Rollins as he seems to be having "travel issues." Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre keep bugging Angle about it. Ziggler wants to see the contract for their match. Where is Seth Rollins?!

Up next, Bobby Lashley will be in action!

In the ring, Greensboro's own Ricky Roberts stands there boasting on his favorite musician Elias. Elias interrupts and demands his stool. There's only one Elias in this world and we're all looking at him. He's showing off his "What Would Elias Do?" bracelet from WWE Shop. He said that if Ricky can beat Bobby Lashley then he will be impressed. Elias is boasting, once again, about himself. And then, of course, he has to shoot down the city of Greensboro. Lashley interrupts and is on his way to the ring!


Before the match started, Roberts tried to crack Lashley in the back with his guitar. Lashley turns around and goes to work on this kid, laying him out in the process.


The B-Team are getting ready for their Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match. Bo Dallas is doing his math and feels like they have a slight chance of winning. Curtis Axel talks some sense into him and is hyping their team up. And they're on their way to the ring!

Triple Threat RAW Tag Team Championship Match: THE DELETERS OF WORLDS VS. THE REVIVAL VS. THE B-TEAM (c)

Dash Wilder will start things off with Bo Dallas. The Revival are keeping the third team away from the match. They're giving Bo a beating! Matt Hardy tags himself in off of Dallas and goes to work on Dash Wilder. He can't keep the hard hitter down, as Wilder counters a Twist of Fate followed by a tag in from Scott Dawson. They display tag team action on Hardy and are in control of this matchup so far.

Out of the break, Hardy is looking for the tag to Bray Wyatt. Wyatt finally tags in and brings the heat! He plants EVERYONE in sight. Wyatt even planted Wilder on the apron. Bo Dallas wipes out Wyatt and Hardy climbs to the top post, looking for a possible moonsault to everyone on the outside. Scott Dawson stops him with a punch and Hardy flips it over, putting the superplex on Dawson and connects with every one of the other competitors at ringside.

Wyatt gets Dawson back in the ring and knocks him into The B-Team's corner. Axel tags himself in without anyone but the referee realizing. The Revival flips out of a double Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt and set him up for the Shatter Machine! Dawson swore he had the victory in the bag until Axel threw him out of the ring and covered Wyatt for the win.

WINNERS by pinfall and STILL champions: THE B-TEAM

The B-Team win and celebrate in Greensboro with their Spirit Squad-like theme music....goodness gracious that's got to stop....but they will head into SummerSlam still as RAW Tag Champs!

Roman Reigns is coming to the ring to address his match and what all is at stake for him coming Sunday. We will see him in the ring next!

Dolph Ziggler read over the contract and questioned why it's cool for Rollins to have someone stand in his corner for the match. Angle elaborated and told him that if he can have someone (Drew McIntyre) in his corner, then Rollins can have someone in his corner too. Ziggler thinks Rollins won't show up tonight anyway.

Reigns is in the ring and is ready to give his word. He's tired of Brock Lesnar and vows to send Brock back to UFC empty-handed. Paul Heyman interrupted Reigns with the quote from The New Day. He's actually giving praise to so many different competitors in WWE. Seems like he's trying to butter up Reigns. Heyman wants to reveal his reasoning behind why he finished his interview with Renee Young last week by saying "unless...." He feels like if Reigns has him in his corner, he can beat Brock. Reigns doesn't want any of Heyman's compliments or anything.

Heyman doesn't want to talk about the past, but SummerSlam. He's still pitching the idea of being Reigns' advocate but Reigns' isn't having any of that. Heyman gave Reigns a story of when he was with his uncles at a young age. He gave Reigns a piece of paper saying to read it over and give him an answer on Sunday. Heyman emptied a can of pepper spray into Reigns' eyes! As Heyman was leaving the arena, Lesnar's music hit! The Beast is on his way to take out The Big Dog! He lays Reigns out and keeps him out. It's safe to say that it's going to be a fight this Sunday in Brooklyn! Lesnar and Heyman were seemingly leaving, but Lesnar wlaks right back to the ring and gives Reigns an F-5!


Of course, AoP are overpowering everybody and laying waste. Akam tags Mojo in and he takes Titus out off the apron. Apollo fights back and tags Roode in. Roode brings the heat to Mojo. He goes for the pin but Razar breaks it up and gets taken out by Titus. Roode goes for the Glorious DDT for the victory!


Doctors are backstage trying to get the pepper spray out of Reigns' eyes after the attack from Lesnar and Heyman. Will he be ready and will he retaliate this Sunday?

Earlier today, we learned about the passing of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. WWE will celebrate his life and acknowledge his accomplishments with the company.

Up next, Sasha Banks takes on Ruby Riott.


Sasha Banks started off looking pretty good. But really quickly, Ruby Riott turns things around and looks like she hasn't lost a step! She even got a tan! She's begins wearing the former Women's Champion down. 

Out of the break, Riott has the hold on Banks. Banks tries to break away from it but Riott keeps the hold locked. Riott is steady talking in Banks' ear about her friendship with Bayley, calling it a joke. Banks tries to pick the momentum up and wipes out Sarah Logan. She hops on the apron and cracks Riott on the bridge of her nose but this causes a distraction to the referee. Liv Morgan pulls Banks off the apron and Bayley comes to the rescue. Banks hops into the ring and Riott rolls her up for the win!


Seth Rollins still hasn't arrived at the Greensboro Coliseum. We're waiting for the contract signing between Seth and Dolph for SummerSlam! Will this match happen? Will Seth make it to the arena? Who will stand in his corner?

Kurt Angle addressed the attack from Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman to Roman Reigns. Lesnar and Reigns will still be facing off at SummerSlam. Ziggler and McIntyre interrupted Angle and told Angle that he'd never suspend Lesnar because he can't afford to. Ziggler wants to know if he'll be competing for the title at SummerSlam. Angle tried to bring Rollins out but he still hasn't made it.

Ziggler and McIntyre told us that they actually respect Seth Rollins and his work ethic. His work ethic is so crazy that it made them want to work even harder. Ziggler says that Rollins plays into the crowd way too much and it's all meaningless. He did the same thing once and blames them for his heel turn, basically. The vicious cycle of turning on Superstars will never end. He claims that "The Psychopath" Drew McIntyre pushes him to be better and that they took over the show. He wants to forgo the match by signing off on the contract and making it an official Seth Rollins forfeit. Ziggler signed the contract and thinks we're done here!

Seth Rollins' music hits and he's very apologetic of being late. He says that he's been their for a while but didn't want to say anything because he thought Ziggler wouldn't sign the contract. He explained why he was late and says he found someone to have in his corner at SummerSlam....he brings out the returning Lunatic Fringe!!!!! DEAN AMBROSE! They walk to the ring together and took Ziggler and McIntyre out! Dean looks better than ever before! He hands Seth the contract and it's official. Seth Rollins will have Dean Ambrose in his corner as he takes on Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship!

That wraps up tonight's show. Hope you all enjoyed it! We will see you all tomorrow for the final Smackdown before SummerSlam. Have an awesome rest of your night!

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