Good evening wrestling world! We're fresh off of a historic SummerSlam. Last night, we saw Roman Reigns win his first Universal Championship, Ronda Rousey became the first woman to be a UFC Champion and Women's Champion! Stay tuned for a must-see Monday Night Raw!


Tonight's Raw starts off with the new Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. He let the WWE Universe know that he was a man of his word and defeated Brock Lesnar. He wants to defend it tonight, and we're only one night removed from SummerSlam! The only person he has in mind is Finn Balor. Balor came out and accepted the challenge! "Constable" Baron Corbin came out and said that match isn't happening. He's still upset about his loss to the returning "Demon" Finn and feels like he got screwed. He's facing the normal Finn tonight as a rematch.

Kurt Angle came out and won't allow Corbin to abuse his power to make matches. He, instead, gave Brooklyn the Balor vs. Reigns title match and Corbin, instead, will face Bobby Lashley! That match takes place now!

Bobby Lashley vs. "Constable" Baron Corbin

Lashley starts off overpowering Corbin. Corbin is already in trouble! He had to take some time to get a breather at ringside. Lashley follows him, bounces Corbin's face off the apron and sends him back in the ring. He goes back to work on the "Constable One" and sends him over the top rope once again.

Lashley goes to send him back in, jumps up on the apron and gets kicked by the 6'6 Corbin to give Corbin the advantage. Lashley quickly takes the edge back, takes his time getting Corbin in the air for a vertical suplex and Corbin capitalizes, sending Lashley to the floor. Corbin follows with a nasty clothesline out at ringside.

Out of the break, Corbin is wearing the former heavyweight champion, Lashley, down in the middle of the ring. He sends Lashley shoulder first into the steel post, Lashley returns the favor on the opposite side. It's back in Lashley's ball park once again. He's picked up some energy. Corbin ends up ringside once again, Lashley sends him back in! As Lashley gets back in, Corbin takes advantage and gets control back. He puts him on the turnbuckle but Lashley knocks him off. Corbin catches him on the jump and goes for the cover but Lashley kicks out. Corbin is getting frustrated! He took too much time going back at Lashley, Lashley counters and delivers the Dominator for the win!

WINNER by pinfall: Bobby Lashley

Paul Heyman showed up in Angle's office and let him know that Lesnar wants to invoke his rematch clause. Angle doesn't want to give him a rematch for a long time. Heyman says that Lesnar wants the rematch at Hell in a Cell. Angle turns it down!

Later tonight, we will see the new Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey. 

Also, tonight we will see Roman Reigns defend his championship against Finn Balor.

"Constable" Baron Corbin popped up into Kurt Angle's office and was pretty ticked off about Angle putting him in a match with Lashley. He says he's going to Stephanie McMahon about all of this.

For years, Triple H and The Undertaker have feuded. This is a feud that The Game has never won! On October 6th, for the last time EVER, Triple H and The Undertaker will go at it to put the feud to rest. We hear from him tonight!

Sasha Banks, Bayley & Ember Moon vs. Riott Squad

Sasha Banks starts off beating down Ruby Riott. She tags Bayley in so she could get some licks in. Bayley tags Moon in and goes at Riott. Riott tags Sarah Logan in and Moon just goes to work. She kicked Logan down with a shot so loud that even I felt that. Everyone came in and got involved but the Riott Squad ended up on the outside. Banks and Bayley went at Riott and Morgan, Ember Moon delivered the suicide dive to Logan! These three have all the momentum rolling their way!

Out of the break, Bayley is wearing Liv Morgan down. Logan helps her teammate out and pulls her out of harm's way. Bayley gets knocked out of the ring, Riott is tagged. She takes advantage of Bayley not knowing the tag was made and the Riott Squad begins the beatdown. Logan comes in, looking like a mad woman! Morgan gets tagged back in and the Riott Squad are taking the life out of Bayley!

They take turns tagging in to preserve the energy and wear Bayley out. Logan gets Riott in, Bayley turns the tables and gets Banks in. She picks the energy up for her team. Morgan tries getting involved after the pin break, Moon puts a stop to it! She knocks Morgan out of the ring. Banks goes to climb to the top rope, Logan pulls her at the ankle. Bayley comes to her friend's aid but misses the baseball slide kick to Logan. Logan with the VICIOUS clothesline and the loud roar! Banks drives the knees in Logan's chest. She climbs to the top rope, Riott kicks her off and capitalizes with the nastiest Riott Kick for the win!

WINNERS by pinfall: The Riott Squad

Up next, we'll hear from the COO Triple H! 

He's giving praise to this past weekend with NXT TakeOver and SummerSlam! They blew the roof off Barclays Center. He's looking forward to stepping foot into the ring on October 6th. He actually admitted that he declined the proposition to face Taker. It's because the last time they faced off was at WrestleMania in 2012 and this marked the end of an era. The moment they shared at the top of the ramp was special. He, then, admitted that he called Vince back and agreed to face the Phenom. October 6th in Australia is when all of that era comes back! One more time, it's official! Triple, The Undertaker, Melbourne, Australia! Can't wait already!

Last night, Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship! Tonight, he defends it in the same building he won it in as his first title defense against Finn Balor.

Up next, Dean Ambrose will wrestle his first match since he's returned from injury! The new Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins, will be at his side. He will take on the former champion, Dolph Ziggler, with McIntyre as his backup.

Dean Ambrose w/ Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre

Ambrose starts off out wrestling the former Kent State wrestler. Ziggler can't seem to get an edge and keep the edge. Ziggler tries to turn it around with the hip tooss but Ambrose counters. He goes off the ropes and gets pulled by McIntyre. Ambrose goes to press McIntyre, Rollins comes to his aid. Ziggler takes advantage of the distraction and dropkicks Ambrose off the apron!

Ziggler is wearing Ambrose down in the middle of the ring off the break. He mocks Ambrose, just talking down on him like trash. This fuels the Lunatic Fringe, forcing him to display that aggression! Ziggler moves out of the way of a running shoulder attack, Ambrose ends up on the floor mat. McIntyre comes to stand over him, Rollins comes to his aid. McIntyre dares Rollins to hit him! The IC Champ throws jabs at the Psychopath. Ziggler comes to McIntyre's rescue and they take Rollins out. Ambrose and Ziggler are back in the ring. Rollins comes out of nowhere with the suicide dive to McIntyre! Ziggler goes for the DDT, Ambrose counters and follows up with the Dirty Deeds for the win!

WINNER by pinfall: Dean Ambrose

Safe to say, this feud isn't over.

Backstage in the locker room, Finn Balor is getting ready for his match with Roman Reigns. Braun Strowman popped in to let him know that same message he gave last night still stands. He wished Balor a "good luck."

Out on stage, Elias is ready to give another one of his good songs. He wants us all to know that WWE stands for "WALK WITH ELIAS!" As he started his song, Curt Hawkins came out! We are in his hometown and dishes the challenge to end his 218-match losing streak. Elias called him and the rest of Brooklyn "losers." And wants to proceed with his song. He demanded that Hawkins leave. Hawkins is ready for this guy! He heads back to the ring and here comes a referee.

Curt Hawkins vs. Elias

Hawkins got rocked pretty early with the knee from Elias. Elias continues the attack. Hawkins brings the aggression! Elias ends up at ringside, Hawkins follows. Elias jumps back in the ring pretty quickly and, as Hawkins jumps in, Elias connects with the knee. He puts him away with the finish and Hawkins is 0 for his last 219.

WINNER by pinfall: Elias

Titus Worldwide is getting ready for their match. Dana Brooke and Apollo are looking pretty flirty! They go over strategy and they just might need it against their opponents, The Authors of Pain. That match is coming up NEXT!

Authors of Pain vs. Titus Worldwide

Of course, Authors of Pain are in control. They are rocking Titus Worldwide! Titus Worldwide tried to get back in this one but AoP are looking too big. Razar is wearing Crews down. AoP with the tag team chemistry, trading tags. Apollo trying to get back into this one but AoP put a stop to his momentum. They get him on the top rope but Crews counters and dives with the dive. He can't keep Razar down on the pin. Razar flings him up but Apollo with the standing star press and a breakup. Titus tries getting involved but they knock him down. AoP with the tag finisher for the win.

WINNER by pinfall: Authors of Pain

Out of the commercial break, it's a special presentation of the awarding of Ronda Rousey's new Women's Championship. Stephanie McMahon is coming to the ring. She's expressing how proud she is of the Women's Evolution and now they have a new PPV that shows their hard work paying off. Last night, Ronda Rousey made history by becoming the first woman to be a UFC Champion and Raw Women's Champion. Stephanie took claim for the success of Ronda Rousey in WWE.

Ronda Rousey interrupted before McMahon could announce her properly. As McMahon went to shake Rousey's hand, Rousey ignored it and picked up a mic. Rousey is shutting down all that Stephanie is trying to do. She gave praise to the women that started all of this.

Stephanie feels likes this is a different Ronda Rousey. And she wants to turn everybody on Rousey. She feels like Rousey wants to break everybody's arm. Rousey says she only wants to break people's arms if they deserve it. She locks the Raw Commissioner in the armbar! And holds the championship up with the babyface women in the ring.

Earlier tonight, Reigns and Balor agreed to challenge for the Universal Championship. This is Reigns' first title defense and a great opportunity for Balor. That match takes place later tonight.

The B-Team are out and have individual matches with the members of The Revival. They retained the Raw Tag Team Titles last night against them in the SummerSlam Kickoff. Bo Dallas and Scott Dawson go one-on-one, NEXT.

Bo Dallas vs. Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson has that look in his eye. He's picking the champion apart with ring awareness and using his bulldog attitude as a weapon. Bo Dallas tries to get himself and the WWE Universe into this match but it's not happening. The wave is going in the audience and Dawson stops Dallas' momentum. He puts him away with the finish.

WINNER by pinfall: Scott Dawson

Curtis Axel picks up a mic and demands Wilder gets in. That match is next!

Curtis Axel vs. Dash Wilder

Fresh off of a commercial break, Dash Wilder is dismantling Axel. He's just picking him apart, attacking that wrecked back. He's trying to fight his way back into this. Picking that momentum up and getting the crowd into this. Wilder tries to turn it back around but Axel stops his energy in the corner. Axel climbs to the top but Wilder moves. He capitalizes with the finish!

WINNER by pinfall: Dash Wilder

That makes The Revival 2-0 on the night separately. Bo Dallas let them know that even though The Revival won both matches individually, The B-Team still has the titles.

Roman Reigns is backstage, getting ready for his match against Finn. And he says he's not worried about Braun Strowman, nor is he worried about Finn taking the title. Up next, Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor for the Universal Championship!

Stephanie is backstage with Alexa Bliss and in comes Baron Corbin checking on her. Kurt Angle comes in. Stephanie feels like Angle is wearing down from being Raw GM. She let him know that she's giving him a break while Baron Corbin takes over as acting Raw GM.

It's main event time!

WWE Universal Championship - Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns (c)

Reigns is already displaying that power against the speed of Balor. Balor tries to come with energy, Reigns just swats him away and lays him out!

Out of the break, Reigns is wearing the first Universal Champion down. Balor comes back and picks the energy up! Balor gets Reigns to the outside and goes for the driveby kick. Reigns catches the leg and makes him fall onto the ring apron. Reigns is back to wearing Balor down.

The champ is absorbing that energy in the arena. Balor comes back with the energy again. He gets Reigns in the corner and delivers the chops! Reigns didn't even feel it. He goes to work on Balor with the corner clotheslines! He goes off the ropes but Balor gets the dropkick to get Reigns at ringside again. Balor pumps himself up and gets the over the top rope dive with the flex! He gets him in the ring for the 2 count.

Out of the break, it appears that Reigns had the control throughout this one. Balor is fighting his way back with the vicious kick to lay Reigns out. Balor with the strikes and the stomps. The crowd is going crazy for Finn! Balor sets up for a peak point but Reigns counters. He gets the one-armed sitout powerbomb and a nearfall. What more can Reigns do to keep Finn down?

Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, Balor counters with the move and the nearfall. He goes back to work on Reigns but Reigns counters. Finn flips it back around setting up for the Coup de Grace, Reigns moves! Balor gets the slingblade and sets up for the corner dropkick signature. Reigns with the Superman Punch! He sets up for the spear! Strowman's music hits! Reigns gets distracted for a second and Balor capitalizes with the slingblade. He sets up for dropkick and Reigns with the spear for the win!

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champion: Roman Reigns

Strowman wants to cash the briefcase in! Just before the bell rang! "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta....SHIELD!" The music hits! Here comes Rollins and Ambrose! They surround the ring! Strowman goes at them and The Hounds of Justice put the beating on the Monster in the Bank! Strowman fights em off but there's just too many of them! They get Strowman to the outside. Ambrose wants to put him through the table. Good God look at this lunatic! Reigns and Rollins join him. Strowman still wants to fight them off. It's still too many of them! Rollins and Ambrose gets Strowman up and set him for the Triple Powerbomb with Reigns! They land it! That sends us all off with pure satisfaction.

Hope you all enjoyed the show! Join us tomorrow for Live Coverage of Smackdown Live! Enjoy the rest of your night. Good night wrestling world!

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