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Raw Live Coverage And Discussion

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As Asuka sets her sights on her Women’s Championship opportunity at WrestleMania, she’ll first need to battle Nia Jax again this Monday night on Raw. Will The Empress of Tomorrow’s undefeated streak remain intact heading into The Show of Shows?

Raw takes place tonight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Announced already for tonight is Ronda Rousey's appearance and Elias vs. Braun Strowman.

The Who's is kicked off with Kurt Angle coming to the ring. A recap of Rousey's debut and her appearance on Raw last night is shown. Angle says that sometimes he has realized he must do what's best for business and he calls out HHH. Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring and begins to ask Angle about his kids. Stephanie runs down Angle's accomplishments, she then asks if his accomplishments pay the bills. Stephanie tells Angle to know his role and that they are even now, this leads to Rousey coming to the ring. Rousey gives the entire front row a high five and then hugs Kurt Angle. Stephanie goes for a hug and she gets a handshake, Rousey can't cut a promo because the crowd is chanting "Ronda Rousey". Stephanie tells Rousey that she gave her, her dream opportunity. Rousey says that she gets to choose her opponent at WrestleMania, as long as it's not a champion. Rousey chooses Stephanie McMahon, before Stephanie can say anything HHH comes to the ring. He tells Angle to do his job, Angle announces Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Angle announces that he will be added to the match as well as Triple H, making it a mixed tag team match. We get a melee and the crowd is very hot for this opening segment, Stephanie attacks Rousey from behind then runs away. This leaves HHH in the ring with both Rousey and Angle, Angle locks HHH in the ankle lock as Stephanie comes back to the ring and pulls HHH out of the ring. Rousey grabs Stephanie by the hair and pulls her into the ring. Rousey drops Stephanie with a Samoan drop and her and Angle leave the ring walking to the back.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax:

Internet went out until commercial break. We come back with Nia Jax kicking out of an Asuka pin attempt. Then Nia sending Asuka into the corner with some big splashes. Nia gets a near fall two count until Nia drops her with a power slam. Nia goes for the leg drop but Asuka rolls out of the way. Asuka locks in an arm bar, Asuka keeps it locked in even with Jax running her into the ring pot. Asuka keeps the arm bar locked in and finally Nia Jax taps out.

Winner: Asuka

Revival vs. The Bar (If Revival wins they get WrestleMania title match)

We start this match with Dawson and Cesaro, we get some back and forth action. Wilder and gets into some trouble with Shaemus and Cesaro and we go to commercial break. We come back from commercial with Sheamus working over Dawson and Cesaro comes off the top rope with a double team move. Sheamus gets tagged back in as he continues working the shoulder. Dawson is able to make a blind tag and Wilder dropkicks the knee. Sheamus and Cesaro attempt their finisher however Dawson and Wilder pull some shenanigans, this allows a superplex and splash double team move. Cesaro however kicks out at two, The Revival goes for the shatter machine, however Sheamus brogue kicks Dawson. Cesaro connects with the neutralizer for the win.

Winners: The Revival

Cena is out next to cut a promo about Smackdown Live. Cena cuts a promo about his WWE title match and he says he is going to break Ric Flair's record. Cena looks directly at the camera and reiterates that he will win the WWE title. Cena says that once AJ loses the title that should use his rematch clause at WrestleMania to make a triple threat for the title. Goldust then interrupts Cena, Goldust says he never got a WrestleMani moment, and then attacks Cena.

John Cena vs. Goldust

We come back from commercial break with Goldust having the upper hand on Cena, Cena then cuts off Goldust as we get a double clothesline. Goldust regains the upper hand and goes to some punches to the head. Cena and Goldust go back and forth with Cena attempting a sleeper hold, Goldust however connects with a low blow. Cena lands the five knuckle shuffle and then an AA for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Bayley is out next, she's out next before she is able to say anything, Paige cuts her off. Paige tells her that without backup she is nothing, and that its about time she cut ties with Banks.

Mandy Rose vs. Bayley

We have some great back and forth action. Rose gets knocked to the outside and we go to commercial. We come back from commercial with Rose grounding Bayley with a headlock. Rose gets a near fall after a hard right hand. Rose continues the upper hand until Bayley drops Rose with a stunner like move in the ropes. Bayley then goes into her forearms and a cross body into some punches. Bayley goes to the second rope and connects with a spinning forearm, Bayley rolls up Rose for the win. After the match Absolution attack Bayley. Banks runs into the ring and saves Bayley sending Absolution to the back. Sasha attempts to hug Bayley and Bayley pushes her away.

Strowman vs. Elias:

Elias starts the match with a musical performance. Elias asks for another entrance and to kill the lights, and begins to run away. He gets into a car however he's not able to drive the car away as Strowman is holding onto the car. Both men end up back in the ring and Strowman man handles Elias. Strowman attempts a power slam and Elias tries to chop down Strowman and then hits him with a guitar. Elias connects with an elbow for a two count. Strowman attempts to power slam Elias through the announce table but Elias rakes the eyes. Strowman hits Elias with a bass guitar and then sits at a piano. Strowman wins the match after he drops a piano on Elias.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Rhyno vs. Bray Wyatt:

Match opens up early with Rhyno getting a couple shots on Wyatt until Wyatt connects with a clothesline. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

We get a promo with Woken Matt who invites Bray to the Hardy compound.

Back from commercial and The Miz is there hosting the Mizzies. Miz runs down the winners from the Oscar's from the night prior and puts himself over. He runs down Angle, Rollins and Balor . Rollins and Balor interrupt The Miz and then the Miz runs them both down.

The Miztourage vs. Rollins and Balor:

The handicap match starts with Balor and Axel, Balor grounds Axel and gets a two count. Rollins gets tagged in and hits a double axe handle to the arm. Dallas gets tagged in and gets the upper hand on Rollins, then tags in Miz for a one count. Axel gets tagged back in and puts Rollins in an armbar, and connects with a dropkick. Dallas gets the tag after a two count and locks in a head lock. Rollins tags in Balor who cleans house and hits his running corner chops.

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