WWE Raw Results From Lafayette, Louisiana - Lesnar & Joe Clash

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Welcome to this week's WWE Raw "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.

WWE Raw Results
Monday, June 12, 2017
From the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana
Report by Kendra Bunyon

Raw starts with the opening video of Samoa Joe taking out Heyman last week. This leads into Heyman and Brock Lesnar to the ring, mic and Universal Championship in hand. Heyman verbally destroys Joe's Samoan heritage, because he doesn't belong to the same family as every other big named Samoan superstar. That brought Joe to the ring, and he quickly attacked Lesnar. They fought through security sent to break them up. Angle sends the locker room to break up the fight, and luckily they were all at gorilla and ready to run own and break up the fight. Angle on the ramp between the two groups of superstars holding Joe and Lesnar apart.

Elias Samson in the ring with his guitar gets serious heat for his words - spoken and sung.

Samson Def. Ambrose Solid back and forth work between the two until Miz and Maryse to the ring trying to distract Ambrose so he would lose the match. Ambrose gets his hands on Miz and is almost counted out of the match. Samson comes on hard for the three. During the match, some small dueling chants of, 'You can't wrestle!' and 'You can't sing!' but didn't really catch on.

A Shattered Dreams Production has Goldust quoting Godfather 2 and talking down R-Truth.

Angle screams at Miz backstage for his interference in Ambrose's match. Miz went off about Ambrose ruining his celebration last week, and Angle didn't do anything because of his personal problems. Angle tells Miz to take care of Ambrose himself.

Video for Cedric Alexander.

Alexander argues with Dar over Foxy. Foxy is on Dar's phone, she's at home recovering from injury. They will end this issue tonight.

Alexander Def. Dar Cedric comes out to NO reaction from the fans, at all. Dar comes out still talking to Foxy on his phone, she's refusing to hang up the phone, wanting to watch the entire match. Alexander defeats Dar in one move. Dar back to being yelled at by Foxy.

Bray Wyatt to the ring and on mic, Rollins cuts him off partway in. They go back and forth on mic, cutting each other down, threatening violence on each other.

Backstage the Hardy Boyz talk up Cesaro and Sheamus. Jeff mentions how hard hitting they are, knocking teeth out of your head.

Crews Def. Kalisto Much impressive work and acrobatics from Kalisto, but Crews' bomb ended the match.
Titus tries to convince Akira, who is in the front row, to join his Titus Brand. After the match Titus throws Akira into the ring and they force him to celebrate with them. Titus takes a selfie and Akira sells serious confusion.

Backstage Miz tries to get Slater to join his entourage. All Slater has to do is ask. Slater says he wants to be IC Champion. Miz says he will get the chance, someday. Rhyno doesn't like this and says Slater has a partner, unlike Miz. Much crackers and spray cheese through it all, ending with Rhyno's mouth overflowing.

Bliss on mic in the ring, stating she's not defending her Championship tonight but is cut off by Nia Jax. Then Mickie and Dana out, Mickie ripping Bliss down. Bliss talks down Dana and Mickie to Jax, trying to explain away their words with a bit of shoot mixed in. Emma out to cut them all off. Bliss continues to talk to Jax about how they all want Bliss and Jax's spotlight. Sasha Banks out to chanting fans. Banks says being a Champ is proving it day in and day out, and has a ring full of women lined up. Banks takes out Bliss and fighting erupts between them all.

Mickie & Sasha & Dana Def. Nia & Emma & Alexa Emma looks healthy back in the ring working with the faces. Bliss drops off the apron after Jax was knocked off and Emma reaching for a tag. Mickie flies out on Jax, then Emma taps to the Banks statement.

Finn Balor video.

Corey Graves interviews Bayley about her big PPV loss. Bayley said she's not there to bruise people or send them to the hospital, but put smiles on people's faces. She's going to be 100% Bayley, and won't change for anyone. She hugs Corey in the end, and he doesn't look thrilled, said he needed a cigarette.

Slater & Rhyno Def. Miz & Bear The bear rides a trike to the ring as Miz's partner. 'We want Bear!' chants as Miz tries to shake Slater's hand. Slater won't so Miz tries to attack, but Slater ducks. Miz works much of the match, glaring at Bear who then tags himself in. Bear all over Slater, even using the bear hug. Miz is tagged in and attacks Bear outside the ring. Bear hits dirty deeds on Slater behind Miz's back, Maryse gets it. Off comes the head and it's Ambrose. Miz tries to flee and knocks Maryse off the apron. Maryse limps up the ramp leaving Miz to dirty deeds. Ambrose puts Slater on Miz for three. After the match, Ambrose puts the bear head on Miz, then leaves the ring. (On announce Corey struggles to regain himself.)

Video recap of the WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Match with the return of the Hardy Boyz, then through their growing feud with Sheamus and Cesaro.

No Match Neville attacks Swann before his music even ends, while Swann is still dancing, jacket on. Neville grabs a mic and rips on A Double, TJP and Swann to get out of his ring. It's good to be King! He moves onto Akira and threatens him.

Backstage Cesaro and Sheamus talk down the Hardy Boyz and their book, Inspire.

Anderson & Gallows Def. Enzo & Cass Recap of the attack on Cass last week, and Enzo getting help from Big Show in his match. Anderson and Gallows in the ring, but Enzo and Cass don't come out. Backstage Cass is down again. Cass is up, says one shot to the back of his head, hardest he's ever been hit. (Revival can be seen in the background again.) Gallows and Anderson with mics laugh and talk smack. Finally out and Cass starts the match, selling issues with balance, but not with his moves. Enzo tags in works hard but quickly loses control. Cass cannot stand to tag back in. It's soon over. Big Show out to stand up to Anderson and Gallows who flee the ring. Show pulls up Enzo and holds his arm up. Cass, on the apron, looks quite unsure of all of this. Big Show leaves, Cass and Enzo 'discuss' what happened.

What's Up Studios - R-Truth goes off on Goldust for attacking him, stabbing him in the back. Goldust is gonna get got.

Backstage Big Show is stopped by Enzo thanking him for the help. One blow takes a big guy like Cass down, so he has to ask. Big Show doesn't like this, gets mad, then realizes it's all coming from Cass. Big Show says Cass is S-A-W-F-T!

Backstage interview with Joe, who says Brock is falling into his strategy.

Sheamus & Cesaro Tie Hardy Boyz Hard-hitting from the opening bell, the 2/3 Falls Tag Team Championship Match started as if they didn't have any time to lose. Quickly the Hardys lost the first fall when Sheamus pins Jeff. After commercial Matt comes back to pin Cesaro to tie up the match. Both teams are counted out, but they all continue to fight in and outside the ring. Hardys into the ring wanting more as Sheamus and Cesaro celebrate on the ramp.

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