Monday Night Raw Results (11/7/16) - He Sounds Like A Pirate Not Scottish

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WWE Raw Results (11/7/16)
Monday, November 7th, 2016
From Glasgow, Scotland
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hello hello! Welcome back to WNW's Raw Live Stream! My name is Zack Krasney, I'm the host with the most. We are building towards Survivor Series! We are also building towards Goldberg vs. Lesnar II but it's shaping up to be ...concerning. What are your thoughts?

Question of the Night: What are your thoughts on Goldberg vs. Lesnar II?


The show opens with a recap of last week.

Opening Segment

Stephanie McMahon kicks off Monday Night Raw!

Steph- Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Now, unfortunately, Mick Foley is unable to be here tonight so in his honor let me say how happy we are to be here in Glasglow! Red vs. Blue, Raw vs. Smackdown Live at Survivor Series. Raw is in for the fight of its life and we're going to dominate. It's gonna be fantasy warfare come to life. We'll see Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Without further ado let me introduce Team Raw. First, the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens! His best friend, Chris Jericho! The United States Champion, Roman Reigns. An unstoppable beast, Braun Strowman. Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the 5th and final member of team Raw....Seth Rollins!

Owens- Steph come on. This is a joke, right?

Seth- Look Kev, Steph knows if she wants to guarantee victory she needs THE man. I've been given certain promises to take this spot. After Survivor Series, nothing is over between you, me and sparkle crotch.

Steph- Gentlemen, you will be facing Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt. Baron Corbin. AJ Styles. And Randy Orton. You are the best of the best and you're going to destroy Team Smackdown. You're going to fight like your lives depend on it. In fact, you're going to fight like your jobs depend on it, because they do.

Owens- She's right, we need to get on the same page. Last few months team Kevin and Chris have been destroying our competition. We may have made some people unhappy, and we're man enough to admit we made some mistakes. Not a lot but a few.

Chris- A few. I know some of you are jealous because we're the WWE Universal Champion, but you have to put that aside for Survivor Series. We're on the same side, even though you're stupid idiots. You're OUR stupid idiots.

Owens- He's right, and that's why you have to listen to the co-captains. Kevin and Chris!

Chris- Listen to us and do what we say and we'll be victorious!

Owen- We need to be a well-oiled machine, unlike that group you used to be a part of Roman, what was it? The Shield? You guys kept turning on each other. That can't happen at Survivor Series.

Chris- You need to listen to us to win. Do you understand what we're saying to you, right now? Ya dig?

Seth- Yeah we dig.

Seth attacks Chris and all hell breaks lose. Braun ends up standing tall.

Steph- Alright, at Survivor Series you're going to be a team. You need to get this out of your system. Tonight it's every man for himself. It's Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho in a fatal fiveway match!

Rich Swann and Sin Cara vs. Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar

Noam and Swann start things off, Swann hits a kick but gets hit several times by unique hits from Noam. Cara tags in and takes Dar out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Cara gets hit with a cheap shot from Kendrick when the ref isn't looking. We head to commercial break.

We return and Dar is in control of Sin Cara. Uppercut from Dar to Cara and then a headlock is put on Cara. Sin Cara with a deadlift powerbomb. Both teams make a tag and Swan with clotheslines on Kendrick. Double stomp to the back of Kendrick. Kendrick to the top but Swann hits a leaping hurricarana and goes for the pin but Dar breaks it up. Cara throws Dar out of the ring then hits a senton over the ropes and onto the floor! Swann rolls up Kendrick for the win!

Winners: Rich Swann and Sin Cara

Kendrick- Listen good kid! I did not lose that match, you did! Because Noam Dar, you are a loser! You lost at the Cruiserweight Classic because you don't have any talent. You lost in your home country because don't have heart. You lost as my partner because you failed to realize I'm the best cruiserweight in the world. You're just like TJ Perkins, you fail when it matters the most. Because you're a disrespectful piece of---

Kendrick hits a cheap shot but Dar fights back and hits a running enziguri that sends Kendrick out of the ring.


Sami Zayn walks into Steph's office. She says she finds his presence irritating. She can't believe Mick Foley told Shane that Zayn would be filling the Intercontinental Open Challenge that Dolph Ziggler issued. She believes it should be Rusev, so tonight it's going to be Sami vs. Rusev and the winner will face Dolph. Whoever wins BETTER bring the Intercontinental Championship back to Raw.

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a Certified G and a Bona fied stud! And you can't teach that! And this right here, this is Big Cass and he's 7 feet tall and you can't teach that! Bada boom realist guys in the room! How you doin?!

Big Cass- Team Smackdown Live at Survivor Series Team Raw will prove that there is only one word to describe you and I'm gonna spell it out for you! S-A-W-F-T!

The other teams for Team Raw come out.

Sheamus- You finished? So since our so-called Team Captains haven't bothered to show up, I'd like to take this moment to say what a great Celtic country, Ireland is!

Cesaro- They like you here as much as anywhere else. They don't.

Sheamus- With those clowns running this team, we have as much chance of beating Smackdown as Scotland does of winning the World Cup. I'm the real captain of Team Raw.

Cesaro- I think I'm the real captain and Scotland agrees.

Sheamus- I don't care what Scotland thinks.

Cass- You shouldn't be captain of any team.

Enzo- You're scared of things like the sun. Looking in the mirror. All those kids stealing your Lucky Charms. And you know...dying alone.

Cass- That one was harsh.

Sheamus- What are you laughing at lurch? This little idiot made a fool of you last week.

Gallows- Shut up nerd! Or we're gonna smash you and your partner into one big Eurotrash ball.

Cesaro- Really you think I'm insulted by Eurotrash? You could've really insulted me by calling me the third member of The Club. You could've had a field day with Sheamus. You could've called him the red rooster. Shame Shame Shame Shame!

Goldust- Take it easy! Let's all take a deep--

Sheamus- Shut your mouth! You can all do a river dance for all I care, count me out of this because I have my career to think about.


New Day come out in Braveheart attire.

Kofi- I couldn't help but notice, were you singing into the bagpipes?

Woods- This is Franchesca's cousin Agnes. Second of all, it's so hard to play the bagpipes. I have a brand new respect for the Scottish.

Kofi- And Sheamus, where are you going?!

Sheamus- Shame on me!? Shame on all of you?

Cesaro- Hit me one more time and see what happens.

Sheamus- I'm leaving. By the way what the hell are you doing?

Woods- New Day likes to have a good time. We're also your WWE World Tag Team Champions! And your team captains! Now what we see in front of us is a legion of teams who will fight with us for the love and pride of Team Raw.

Anderson- No, we're out too. With captains like you, we'll lose.

Big E- Aye! Fight and you may lose. Run and you'll live.

Kofi- E, what kind of Scottish accent was that?

Woods- He's killing it.

Kofi- He sounds like a pirate.

E- Aye! And dying in your beds, quite some time from now. Would you trade all the days for that? For one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell Smackdown live that they may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!

Enzo- I don't know what stuff you've been smoking in those bagpipes but I like it. At Survivor Series, Smackdown is going down like a hole in the ground. Because the Certified G real estate agency is putting people in the ground, how you doin?

Goldust- E, you have such a brave heart. Oh I get it now! Truth and I are with you!

Cesaro- On behalf of me and Sheamus, we're in.

Sheamus- Woah woah woah woah. Since when do you speak for me? On behalf of our team, we're in. Only because we get another chance at those tag team championships. Just..give the Braveheart thing a rest would ya?

Woods- Now that only leaves you two. Will you fight with us and Scotland!?

Anderson- Just so you know, you can wear your costumes. You can call yourselves Captains. But you're not in charge of us, no one is. The first chance we get, we're gonna stab and each of you in the back.

Gallows- A grown man like you cries over a toy sword. We'll handle Smackdown without problem. They're all a joke..like you.

Woods- So if we're jokes, and we've beaten you multiple times, and champions of this division. What does that make you?

Kofi- See we KNEW you'd say something like that. That's why we asked for a special match tonight. Against who?

All- Who?!

E- Against YOU!! At Survivor Series we're going to show that Team...Raw Rocks. Team....Raw Rocks.

New Day vs. The Club

Kofi and Anderson are in the ring and Kofi hits running high knees. 2 count. Tag to Big E. Unicorn Stampede. Big E locks in the abdominal stretch. High elbow by Big E. E is sent through the ropes and he lands on the apron. Gallows hits a cheap shot and allows Anderson to hit a running kick to the head of Big E. Tag to Gallows. Gallows beats down E then tags Anderson. Anderson with right hands in his team's corner. Big E tries to fight out of the corner but gets hit with a big kick and the club hits a team suplex. Anderson hits a dropkick to the knee of Big E to drop him. Tag to Gallows who hits a big kick and drops an elbow. Gallows hits a big kick and hits a shot on Kofi to knock him down. Big E with a big shot and both teams make tags. Kofi with running chops and a dropkick. Boomdrop by Kofi. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise but he recovers with a springboard crossbody and a spinning kick to the face. Tag to Big E. Midnight hour lined up but Gallows breaks it up. Anderson with a spinebuster to Kofi. Gallows tags in. Magic Killer on Big E for the win.

Winners: The Club


Truth tells Goldust he traded their spot on Team Raw for a whole month at the Shining Star resort! Goldust tells him that was a huge mistake, now he has to go fix it.


Kevin Owens tries to talk Chris Jericho into recruiting Braun Strowman to be part of Team Kevin and Chris. Chris starts to call Braun a stupid idiot but Kevin stops him. Braun declines their offer to join their team, and says he's on Team Braun.

Golden Truth vs. Shining Stars for a spot on Team Raw

Hip toss by Truth on Epico and a leg drop to start. Tag to Primo. Double team by the Shining Stars. Primo with a jumping kick to the back of the neck of Truth. Tag to Epico and the hit a team suplex. Truth gets kicked in the gut and then has his head slammed into the turnbuckle. Tag to Primo. Headlock by Primo. Tag to Epico who locks in a headlock as well. Truth breaks free and hits a heel kick. Both teams make a tag and Goldust takes down Primo. Atomic drop by Goldust and a bulldog! Goldust hammers away on Primo in the corner. Spinebuster by Goldust! Epico gets in with a brochure to distract Goldust but he rips it up. Truth runs in and takes out Epico. Primo sneaks up behind Goldust and rolls him up, putting his feet on the ropes, for the win.

Winners: Shining Stars

In-Ring Segment

Michael Cole introduces Charlotte.

Charlotte- Michael, I was born a leader. If they Smackdown peasants think they are going to beat me, they can keep drinking the blue Kool-aid.

Michael- The next member, Nia Jax. Nia, last week you showed why you're dominant.

Nia- Let's get something straight, I do what I do because I want to not because I work for you.

Michael- Next is Alicia Fox! Alicia we all know you had your difference with Nia in the past. Will this turn into a Civil War.

Alicia- If Brad and Angelina can do it, so can I. The name of the game is survival.

Michael- Next is a woman who is a hugger and has a spirit like I've never seen.

Bayley- First of all, Charlotte you may think I'm a weak link but as Survivor Series I'll prove you wrong. I'm so excited to be on Survivor Series. It could come down to me vs. Alexa Bliss, me vs. Becky Lynch. It could come down to you and me Charlotte, vs Nikki Bella and Becky.

Michael- There is one more member of this team.

Charlotte- Allow me the honor. The next woman and I have a long history. This woman made me a better champion, and better person. And this woman is the 5th member of our team. Dana Brooke.

Michael- All do respect, we all know Dana isn't the 5th member. This woman is!

Sasha Banks music hits and the Boss makes her way out!

Charlotte- Oh Sasha, I'm so sorry. I thought after all the injuries I caused you at Hell in a Cell that you wouldn't make it to Survivor Series.

Sasha- I know you think you beat me bad, but you also know that you need the Boss for Survivor Series.

Charlotte- You think I need the Boss? The only thing you were left with was fake swagger. I've proven I'm the best. Here's the thing Sasha, you're not the Boss anymore. After I made history at Hell in a Cell, the world is a different place! How about you ask Nia Jax if she thinks you're a boss!

Nia Jax, Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox

Nia and Bayley start and Nia shoves Bayley down. They lock up and Bayley is shoved into the corner but she gets down and attacks the legs, only to have Nia toss her aside with ease. Tag to Foxy who hammers away at Nia. Nia fights her off but Fox throws on a sleeper. Nia slams her down and tags Charlotte. Charlotte with a snapmare and a headlock. Fox with a dropkick and a suplex into a pin. 2 count. Tag to Sasha Banks and a team suplex. Charlotte runs over and tags Brooke. Sasha with a dropkick on Brooke. Charlotte runs in and eats a dropkick of her own. The face team all hit a triple baseball slide on Nia but it barely moves her. Back in the ring Sasha locks in a submission on the arm of Brooke. Then Sasha transitions into a headlock but Nia reaches a tag. Sasha with kicks to the legs of Nia. Sasha tries for something but Nia runs her down. We head to break.

We return and Nia is in control of Sasha and Charlotte tags herself in. Charlotte with knees to the back of Sasha. Sasha tries to make a tag but Charlotte grabs the hair and but gets rolled up and then a tag to Bayley. Bayley is all fired up and takes down Charlotte then Nia on the side. Bayley with a stunner through the ropes. Bayley with the elbow in the corner. Dana runs in and throws Bayley into the middle turnbuckle. Dana gets thrown out by Foxy and then Foxy is thrown out by Nia after a huge splash. Charlotte misses a big boot and connects with Nia. Charlotte turns around into a Bayley to Belly! 1-2-3!

Winners: Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox 

Rusev vs. Sami Zayn winner challenges Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship

Rusev attacks right off the bat and beats down Sami then whips him hard into the corner. Rusev hits a hard kick to the chest of Sami then uses the ropes to choke Zayn. Sami with a shoulder to the gut of Rusev and a dropkick to the chest! We head to break.

We return and Rusev is beating down Sami Zayn. Rusev charges at Sami but he pulls down the ropes and sends Rusev flying. Sami leaps over the top rope and takes out Rusev! Sami to the top rope hits a flying crossbody. 2 count! Rusev gets up and hits a wicked kick to the side of the head of Sami. Sami ducks a splash and goes for a Helluva Kick but runs right into a superkick! 2 count! Rusev goes to the top rope and as he's getting up Sami hits a HUGE Helluva kick! 1-2-3!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman vs. Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Jericho and Owens go right at Seth Rollins. Braun gets in front of Roman to stop him from going to help. Owens and Jericho get on his side and pat him on the back. Braun elbows Jericho in the face. Seth takes out Jericho on the outside as Reigns and Braun stare down. Reigns with a right hand but Braun knocks him down hard. Rollins gets a Kendo stick and uses it to beat down Strowman. Seth grabs a table but Braun knocks Seth out from behind. Braun starts to set up the table as we head to break.

We return and Strowman hits a reverse chokeslam on Roman and Seth comes off the top rope and gets a big boot from Strowman. Owens in the ring tries to talk to Braun but cheapshots him and hammers away with right hands. Braun swats him away. All four men decide to attack Braun together. Braun grabs Jericho and Rollins but eats a Superkick from Owens. Seth with a flying knee and Roman with a Superman Punch sends Braun out of the ring and to his knees. Jericho and Reigns go at it and Seth and Kevin go at it. Jericho gets hit with a Samoan drop. Slingblade by Rollins to Owens. Rollins and Reigns are left in the ring and they stare down. Braun starts to get back in the ring and Roman hits another Superman Punch and then Rollins hits a suicide dive! Roman and Seth attack Braun. They signal the Shield Powerbomb through the table but Jericho and Owens break it up and attack Rollins and Reigns. Owens and Jericho drive Roman into the barricade repeatedly. Owens hits a cannonball on Roman against the barricade. He tries it on Rollins but Rollins stops him and plants Owens into the barricade. Rollins hits Jericho and powerbombs him onto Braun who was placed on the table! Both men go through the table! Seth hits a big kick on Owens and gets a 2 count! Rollins tries the frog splash but Owens rolls out of the way. Owens picks up Rollins but gets hit with a Pedigree! 1-2-no! Jericho pulled the ref out! Seth with a suicide dive on Jericho! Rollins tries a flying knee but Jericho moves. Rollins with a Pedigree on Jericho. Owens gets up but Roman hits a Superman Punch on Owens! Owens falls backward onto Jericho and ends up pinning him!

Winner: Kevin Owens

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