WWE RAW Live Streaming Results and Discussion (2/19/18)


Welcome everyone to the Raw live coverage and live chat - this week's show takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. Already announced is a Gauntlet Match with the seven Elimination Chamber competitors as well as a six woman tag match with the Women's Elimination Chamber competitors. Please feel free to join our Raw Chat below in the comments section.

Raw starts tonight with a silence for the Parkland, Fl school shooting. Reigns opens up after the silence to a loud reaction. Renee Young interviews Reigns, he states he's never been in Elimination Chamber. He says that despite the talent, he will be the victor. He says he is the only person that can defeat Lesnar.

7 Man Gauntlet Match:

Rollins vs. Reigns:

Rollins and Reigns open the match facing off against each other. Graves calls back to the Rumble elimination of Rollins by Reigns. The two open with ground wrestling, with Reigns grounding Rollins with a headlock. Rollins fights out and drops Reigns with an armbar then a backside for a two count. The two men stand off face to face before the commercial break. We come back to a shoulder tackle from Reigns to Rollins. Rollins attempts to corner move however Reigns catches Rollins with a spinning backbreaker for two. Reigns tosses Rollins into the corner and catches two boots from Rollins. Rollins connects with a blockbuster and then a flying knee. Reigns goes to the outside and Rollins attempts a suicide dive but Reigns catches him with a right hand. Reigns hits a drive by and then tosses Rollins into the corner for his clotheslines. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch however Rollins reverses into a revolution knee attempt. Rollins connects with a turnbuckle powerbomb but Reigns bounces out with a Superman Punch. We come back from break with Rollins missing a frog splash. Reigns hits a suicide dive and then Reigns hits a Superman punch. Reigns reverses a Blackout attempt and rolls up Rollins. Rollins counters with a roll up of his own for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Rollins attempts an early pin attempt but Cena kicks out at two, we come back from commercial with Cena having Rollins in a headlock. Cena goes for a quick pin attempt on Rollins but he kicks out at two. Cena now targeting the back of Rollins and gets another two count. Cena ground Rollins again with a chin lock with a body scissors. Rollins ends up on the outside and nearly gets counted out but comes back in at nine. Cena stalks Rollins and connects with a trio of belly to belly slams for a two count. Rollins showing his exceptional cardio as he fights back against Cena, punch for punch. Cena connects with a modified Stunner for a two count. Cena drops Rollins after the pin attempt with a couple of straight right hands. Rollins shoves Cena and both men start going punch for punch until Cena drops Rollins for two. Cena sends Rollins to the outside and takes a hard fall off the apron, Rollins breaks the count out at nine. Rollins counters Cena and attempts a springboard knee strike. Cena locks Rollins into a STFU, Rollins reverses Cena however Cena regains control. Cena drops Rollins with the five knuckle shuffle setup but Rollins kicks Cena in the face. Rollins strikes Cena with a sidekick for a two count. Cena throws Rollins into the ring post but then Cena goes shoulder first into the stairs. Both men slide into the ring at a nine count. Cena finally connects with a five knuckle shuffle and Rollins counters an AA attempt into a roll up. Cena kicks out at two and Rollins locks in a cross face. Cena stands up with Rollins for another AA attempt, Rollins counters and hits a frog splash for two. Cena finally connects with an AA but Rollins kicks out at two. Rollins now hits the roll through superplex into the falcon arrow for two. Cena locks in an STF attempt twice however Rollins breaks free. Rollins catches Cena cross body attempt and throws Cena onto his shoulders for an AA attempt of his own, Cena kicks out at two. Rollins misses a phoenix splash attempt and Cena hits an AA. Cena goes for another however Rollins counters with a Revolution Knee and a Blackout for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Elias vs. Seth Rollins

Elias runs to the ring and attempts a quick pin on Rollins. Rollins kicks out and Elias continues a fast paced offense. We come back from commercial with Elias locking Rollins in a single leg crab. Elias continues working on the leg of Rollins in the corner, however Rollins fights out of the corner for a moment. Elias drops Rollins but gets caught with a kick for a two count. Rollins sends Elias to the outside and connects with a suicide dive but sells the hurt leg. Elias and Rollins are back in the ring and Elias hits the Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias

Elias vs. Finn Balor

Balor comes out to a full entrance and has a quick pin attempt on Elias. We come back from commercial break with Elias working on the shoulder of Finn Balor. During the match Rollins is cutting a promo with Renee Young, while Elias has Balor in an arm bar. Elias continues working on the arm of Balor after breaking the hold. Balor finally finds an opening and grounds Elias. Balor connects with a couple of flying forearms and then running chops in the corner. Balor hits a sling blade however Elias connects with a clothesline for two. Balor and Elias are outside when we come back from commercial, Elias sends Balor into the ring post. Balor is now grounded in the ring and locked in an arm bar. Balor drops Elias and hits the Coupe De' Gras for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

Finn Balor vs. The Miz

The Miztourage comes out and distracts Balor and Miz attacks Balor from behind. Miz hits a DDT and throws tons of punches on Balor. Miz continues beating on Balor and then sends him to the outside as we go to commercial. We come back with Miz having Balor in an armbar. Elias is doing a promo backstage with Young and Miz hits an elbow on Balor. Miz signals and connects with some IT kicks until the last which Balor counters. Balor connects with an elbow on Miz for a two count. Miz rolls up Balor after some interference from the Miztourage. Balor hits an over the top rope flip to the outside onto the Miztourage. He then connects with the corner drop kick on Miz then a forearm to Axel. Dallas then interferes which allows Miz to hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz

Miz rolls out of the ring as Strowman enters the match. Miz runs through the crowd however Strowman catches him and brings him back to the ring. We come back from commercial with Strowman throwing Miz from corner to corner. Strowman goes for a corner splash however Miz moves and gets some kicks in before Strowman throws him again. Miz attempts his corner clothesline but Strowman catches him with a drop kick. Strowman then hits a big clubbing blow to Miz's chest. Strowman ends up on the outside and Miz gets run over by Strowman while attempting to run at Strowman. The Miztourage distracts Strowman for a Skull Crushing Finale attempt, Miz gets a two count however Strowman throws Miz to the outside. Strowman hits a running power slam for the win over Miz.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match Renee Young interviews Strowman and says the Unknown fears him. He says that the result from tonight will be the same at Elimination Chamber. He calls out Lesnar and says he's not finished with him and that Lesnar is going to get his hands.

Asuka is in ring with Renee Young and cuts a promo on Nia Jax. Asuka struggles and stumbles a bit, she says that Nia will get whats's coming to her. Nia attempts a run in and Asuka hits a spinning back fist but Nia lays her out with a Samoan Drop. Nia Jax then drops three leg drops.

The Bar vs. Titus WorldWide:

Titus Worldwide opens up the match with some double team moves on Cesaro. Apollo hits a nice flying clothesline before being sent to the outside. Cesaro locks in a chin lock on Apollo, an then tags in Sheamus for a double clothesline. Cesaro continues to keep Apollo away from Titus and tags Sheamus back in again. Apollo and Titus get the win after a roll up victory.

Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss , Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose:

Deville and Mickie James kick off the match with Mickie James gaining control. James tags in Banks and Deville gets the upper hand. and tags in Mandy rose. Banks reverses Rose in the corner and tagged in Bayley. We come back from the break and Bliss is working over Bayley. Bliss throws Bayley into the corner and smacks her in the face before tagging in Deville. Banks causes the ref to not see a Bayley tag and Rose gets thrown into Banks. James gets tagged in and explodes on Rose including a face buster. Mickie hits a couple of kicks on Rose before drop kicking Deville through the ropes. Rose then locks James in an abdominal stretch, the move gets broken up and Banks gets the tag. Banks takes out Deville and drops Bliss for a two count. Banks taps Bliss with the Bank Statement.

Winners: Banks, Bayley and James.

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