RAW Results (9/16/13) - Bryan Is Stripped, The Locker Room Strikes!

Daniel Bryan

RAW Results 9/16/13
From Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
Reported by CJ Blaze of Wrestling News World

NOC Re-cap: Punk makes Axel tap, Heyman is beat to death with a stick while handcuffed. Ryback comes in a attacks Punk, as a No DQ stip was added. Triple H opened the show to say there will be no interference in the main event. Daniel Bryan pinned Orton to win the title! YES! YES! YES!

Justin Roberts welcomes the NEW WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan, who comes out to a big pop. Huge YES chants break out, Bryan raises his title which has YES on the side plates. He tells the crowd they are awesome. There's a lot of things he wants to say right now, but what says it best: "YES!" over and over until Triple H's music hits.

Hunter says he wants to address the fast count from last night. His victory was tainted, and HHH wants Scott Armstrong to come out. Scott walks down to the ring. Triple H thanks him, and he wants to get to the bottom of it all with a video that show's Armstrong's normal count. Now we get footage of the final pin in which Bryan beat Orton. They show the videos side-by-side. He wants Scott to explain.

Armstrong: It was a fast count, I don't know. Triple H says he is a senior official, how does it just happen? Hunter believes that Scott's not saying everything. Bryan mouths something to the ref, and Hunter tells Scott to go to the back. He starts to go on and on to Bryan about it, and basically strips the title from him, and no one is the current title holder. It will be investigated further, and HHH wants the belt handed over to him. Hunter thinks Shawn would've taught him better. He better hand it over, or it will be taken.

Orton comes out, looking angry. Triple H tells Randy to calm down, there will be no fighting right now. Bryan stares at the title, and contemplates handing it over. Bryan says NO! Orton hits an RKO, and Hunter takes the title. Triple H walks off, while Orton stands above Daniel.


Triple H and Stephanie are talking when Orton comes up screaming wanting his title back. Stephanie gets in and yells at Orton. Until Randy can find the Orton who attacked the McMahons a few years back, he won't be getting anything.

Dean Ambrose is in the ring, Ziggler enters

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lock up, Ziggler with a shoulder block, crossbody on Dean. Dolph clotheslines him out of the ring. Ziggler applies the sleeper hold back in the ring. Ambrose locks in his own sleeper hold. Ziggler gets out, attacks Dean in the corner. Ambrose sends Ziggler flying out of the ring as they go to commercial.


Back from the break, Ambrose clotheslines Dolph, two. Ambrose works on the feet, then the arm and head. Ziggler lands a couple punches and saves himself from going out of the ring. Up on top, Ambrose drags his nails against Dolph's back and then follows it with a suplex, two. Full nelson-like submission locked in on Ziggler. Ambrose stops Ziggler from countering, punches him a few times. Ziggler comes back with a big DDT.

Big dropkick from Dolph, and a splash in the corner with multiple punches. Running clothesline connects, followed by ten elbow drops. Ambrose kicks out at two. Dean hits a spinebuster, Ziggler kicks out. Ambrose stomps on his arm and head until Ziggler gets up with a backslide, kickout. Dean slings Dolph into the turnbuckle. Ziggler gets up and hits the Zig-Zag for the win!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler - by pinfall (11:52)

They show replays of how Dolph picked up the win. He celebrates with fans at ringside. Justin Roberts announces Ambrose is still United States Champion.

Big Show and Brad Maddox talk backstage. Maddox says Triple H and Stephanie will be there any minute.


Maddox and Triple H confirm that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan will fight tonight. Dusty Rhodes is also in the house. Stephanie talks to Big Show. She says he will stay in this office unless requested.

Cole, Lawler, and JBL talk about the handicap match from last night. Tonight, Ryback will answer some questions about what happened.

Fandango, who lost to Miz last night, makes his way to the ring. He and Summer Rae dance their way down the ramp. He'll be in action next.


Fandango vs. R-Truth

R-Truth raps as he comes down the ramp. We get a replay of Miz winning a dance-off against Fandango, Khali, and R-Truth on SmackDown.

Fandango and Truth dance a little bit until R-Truth hits Fandango with a big right hand. He throws him over, leg drop, and a cover. Truth throws Fandango out of the ring. Fandango punches Truth several times, slings him into the corner, two. Another sling, chinlock in place. Truth powers out, big heel kick. Clotheslines from Truth, slam for a two. Fandango counters the heel kick, Fandango goes up top for the leg drop. He connects, three.

Winner: Fandango - by pinfall (3:25)

PTP'ers, Natalya, Booker T, and more are shown talking to Dusty Rhodes backstage.

Raw Rebound: Two weeks ago, Orton beat Cody Rhodes and Cody was fired by Triple H. Last week, Orton beat Goldust. If Goldust would have won, Cody would've gotten his job back.

Dusty Rhodes makes his way to the ring. Dusty appreciates the warm welcome, but he's not here as the American Dream tonight. He wants the McMahons to hear him out. Rhodes talks about caring for his children, and finding a way to do it. Enough about him, this is about Cody's job. What's good for business is Hunter firing Rhodes? Goldust comes in and steps up to the plate, and takes a big swing. Having two sons you love and are proud of is what's best for business.

Dusty is not here to beg for Cody's job, but he wants him to earn it, as he heard there was a business proposal. Stephanie McMahon comes out. That was beautiful, remarkable. Hunter's decision to fire Cody was weighing down on them. She give Dusty a Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon. Dusty says let's cut past the BS and get to the business. Stephanie says WWE would like to offer Cody his job back, OR Goldust gets the job, it's up to Dusty. Rhodes says he's not going to make that choice. Stephanie tries to interrupt, and Dusty gets in her face. Rhodes could give the job to the successful young one, or the older one he neglected over the years.

Dusty wants to ask a question, and asks about her daughters. He asks if she picks favorites. Stephanie comes back with what about Cody? What about Dustyn? Rhodes says she can go straight to Hell! The Shield comes out! Stephanie says she has someone in the back who could even things out. She calls for Big Show. Stephanie says Dusty has another choice, be attacked by The Shield, or knocked out by Show. He won't choose, so she chooses Show. Show won't do, she calls for The Shield. They grab chairs as Big Show won't let them do it. He punches him, and catches Dusty. Stephanie and The Shield leave as a medical staff member gets in to check out Dusty. Medical staff stretchers Rhodes out.

Backstage, they put Dusty in an ambulance, and Show joins them.

Naomi, Cameron, and Brie Bella vs. Layla, Fox, and Aksana

Natalya and AJ are on commentary.

Naomi and Layla start. Rear View, two. Cameron takes Layla down, Fox distracts. Layla shoves Cameron into their corner, tag to Aksana. Fox gets in, headlock in place. Cameron gets out, Alicia slams her down. Brie comes in, shoves Fox into Layla. Brie slaps Aksana, everyone gets involved and Brie pins Aksana for the three.

Winners: Brie Bella, Naomi, and Cameron - by pinfall (2:51)

Miz is shown talking with Brad Maddox backstage.

The commentators re-cap what happened with Dusty Rhodes earlier. Sandow is in the ring for a match. They show footage of Sandow winning the MITB briefcase back in July. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Rob Van Dam, who beat World Champion Del Rio by disqualification.

Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam

Lock up, RVD is kicked in the corner. Sandow covers, one. More strikes, pin. Van Dam comes back with punches. Side Russian Leg-Sweep, Elbow of Disdain, and headlock is applied. RVD hits a crossbody, superkick. Sandow puts his knees up on Rolling Thunder. Big stiff kick, RVD hits the Frog Splash and it's over.

Winner: RVD - by pinfall (2:38)

Sandow announces himself as the uncrowned world champion, and the next world champ. The Miz and Randy Orton will be fighting tonight.


Backstage, Triple H and Scott Armstrong are talking. This whole fast-count thing has gotten out of control. There is no WWE Champion! WWE officials have to be above the approach. Hunter's letting him go. It's going to be alright, he's going to take care of him.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for the next match. The Miz high-fives the crowd.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Miz is talking to his parents when Orton attacks him outside the ring. He's furious.


Miz unloads on Orton as his shoulder is "messed up". Orton comes back with ruthless aggression. Outside the ring, Miz shoves Orton into the barricade several times. Orton trips Miz into the ring post. The ref calls for double count-out. Orton throws Miz over the commentary table. Miz comes back with punches, clothesline over the barricade. Orton counters with more punches of his own. Randy hits the DDT off the barricade in front of Miz's parents. Orton throws Miz into the ring, and goes to get a chair. He places the chair on Miz's head. He hits a big knee drop, and Miz's mom is crying.

Double Count-Out - (1:32?)

Ryback enters, Axel brings out Heyman in a wheel chair. Heyman introduces himself, and says he's the best in the world. He pinned CM Punk. Every time he says it, it will be the truth. The record books will forever say Heyman and Punk came face to face in the middle of the ring, and Punk lost. Heyman would love to take credit for his master plan, but there was no back up plan.

Punk gave him the most vicious beating in WWE history. He's here because one man took initiative. Ladies and gentlemen, Heyman's here tonight because of Ryback. Heyman owes his life to Ryback. Ryback gets on the mic and says he doesn't like bullies, Punk's a bully. As long as Ryback's around, Punk won't touch him. Ryback Rules.

A Los Matadores vignette airs.

#1 Contender's Elimination: The Uso's vs. Tons of Funk vs. Real Americans

Swagger and Clay start. Splash in the corner. Swagger talks to Cesaro, gets back in. Swagger tags in Jimmy Uso. Brodus shoves Jimmy. Uso super kicks Clay, and Brodus catches the crossbody, three slams. Tag to Cesaro, who is kicked by Jimmy, tag to Jey. Jimmy tags back in. Cesaro hits an uppercut, suplex on Uso. Tensai is in, slams Cesaro for two. Uso tags in, Cesaro out. Sweet T hits several punches, turns Uso inside-out. Tensai hits his finisher on Uso, Cesaro rolls him up. Tons of Funk eliminated.

Cesaro drop kicks the Uso out of the ring as they go to commercial.


Swagger and Uso are in the ring. Swagger had a head lock in, beats him up in the corner and the tag goes to Cesaro who hops over Jack for the double-boot stomp. Cesaro applies a chinlock on the Uso. Uso hits both of the Real Americans, but Cesaro stops The Uso's from tagging. Jimmy takes out Swagger with the Samoan Drop. US-O! Stinkface connects, Cesaro breaks the cover. The Uso's hop out onto Swagger and Cesaro. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock, Jimmy gets out, super kick! He goes up top, Uso tags as Swagger flipped the other brother over. Big splash connects, three!

Winners, New #1 Contenders: The Uso's - by pinfall (13:10)

The commentators report Miz does not have a broken neck, but an injured thorax? They will have an update on Dusty soon.

A creepy Wyatt Family vignette airs. We get a replay of Big Show knocking out Dusty Rhodes. Superstars and Brie Bella root on Daniel Bryan as heads to the ring for the main event.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

Just as the match is about to start, Orton comes out.

Lock up, Bryan unleashes kicks and punches in the corners. Bryan ducks Roman, and strikes him again. Roman grabs Bryan's head as Daniel grabs the foot. Roman headbutts Bryan in the corner. Bryan delivers even more kicks, and another takedown. Leg submission locked in, Rollins yells at Reigns. Bryan has the submission in place and delivers another set of punches. Reigns clubs him, stomps on Daniel. Cover and kickout.

Headlock in tact, Shoulder block from Roman, and Bryan knees Reigns to take him down. Several kicks are given to the back. Bryan works on the feet again, Reigns breaks free. Suplex from Roman, two. Another suplex, two. Headlock back on Bryan. Once free, Daniel trips Reigns into the turnbuckle. Bryan hits a missile dropkick. Daniel flies out of the ring and Roman semi-catches Bryan, sends him into the corner of the ring.


Full-nelson locked in on Bryan. Daniel rolls him up, two. Reigns sits Bryan up on the turnbuckle. Roman tries for a suplex, Bryan counters. Roman moves from the headbutt, two. Another cover, kickout. Roman catches the crossbody, big slam for a two. Bryan flips off the turnbuckle, clothesline. He's starting to feel it! He kicks Roman's chest with YES! in the background, Roman hits a Samoan Drip, kickout! Bryan rolls Roman up off the powerbomb. Another cover and kickout. Bryan throws Rollins into the commentary table. Reigns clotheslines Bryan, they're both down. Yes Lock in place! Orton gets in for the DQ

Winner: Daniel Bryan - by DQ (18:16)

Bryan applies the submission on Orton. The Shield comes in attacking. They continue to attack, Orton goes for a chair. The chair is on Bryan's head when the whole locker room comes out to attack! Roman spears Kofi, Ziggler hits Famouser on Ambrose. Uso's superkick Roman out. Rollins is left for Bryan who hits Shining Wizard. Everyone is chanting YES! The Prime Time Players lift up Bryan. We get replays of the attack.

YES! chants end this week's edition of Monday Night RAW.

CJ Blaze out.

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