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The "go-home" show for NXT Wargames 3 and WWE Survivor Series was met by critical acclaim with fans and scored NXT their first victory in total viewership over All Elite Wrestling snapping a 7 week win streak for the upstart promotion. NXT scored 916,000 viewers to AEW's 893,000 viewers.

There are key figures to be examined in the ratings victory for NXT. While the total viewers were won by a slim margin (23,000 total viewers), NXT ranked 14th in the key demographic of 18-49 years old while AEW ranked 8th in the same metric. In fact, AEW won every metric except 50+ in demographics. 

The numbers are encouraging for both shows, however, as a total of 1,809,000 viewers consumed a primetime wrestling product on 11-20-19. This is continued growth from the massive loss of viewers to Game 7 of the MLB World Series. 

Last night had some very stiff competition in the key demographic. As you can see in the graphic below, the Democratic Debate scored a 1.08 in the key demographic. The debate alone out scored the combined wrestling shows 1.08 to 0.69. NXT has shown to have a good showing in the 50+ demographic which was 4.46 for the Debate to NXT's 0.40. Each of these numbers have proved to have significance in weekly reporting. 

A key takeaway from this for NXT is what happens next. Main Roster stars fueled a total viewership victory for NXT, but will any of those viewers that tuned in continue to do so with invasion angles presumably ending after Survivor Series. Does AEW respond to this loss or do they stay the course? The "war" between the two is heating up now that NXT places a number in the win column. Full ratings information is below.

11-20-19 Ratings

Which show did you watch last night? NXT? AEW? Both? 

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