Rawsults: Results From 1/6/20 Episode of Monday Night Raw

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Monday Night Raw for years has been the land of 50/50 booking, angles that lead to nothing with no substance and the reliance on a handful of superstars. That was until Paul Heyman took over the show in 2019 and he has kicked off 2020 with possibly the easiest non night after WrestleMania show Raw has had in years. The show flowed seamlessly building to a major reveal and a conclusion for the night. 

If you listened to the latest episode of the RawViews Podcast can be found below:

Then you know this episode was one of my favorite show's in quite some time. The storytelling over the night of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens having a mystery partner that will offset the AOP, so they can get to Rollins had a satisfying payoff seeing The Big Show. The show opened the night with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman making an announcement for the champ's match at the Royal Rumble. Paul would go onto say the match would be historic and announced Brock as the first entrant into the Rumble match.

This would have Twitter going crazy over the possibilities as I tweeted during the show. Seem some of the responses below:

The first match of 2020 on Monday Night Raw was a US Title Match between Rey Mysterio and the champion Andrade. The match was fantastic and given quite a bit of time. Although we have seen these two quite a bit of times over the last year, they always seem to deliver. After Andrade retained he took Mysterio's mask, it appears that this feud may not be over yet however WWE did remind us about what the champ did to Humberto.

The tag division on Raw needs some depth to it, secondary storylines to help build the division as a whole. However the triple threat title match was superb. The Street Profits got a great entrance and the OC and Viking Raiders worked hard in this match. One of the best main roster tag matches on Raw in some time and hopefully we can expand on the division a bit.

Becky Lynch and Asuka had a promo segment where Becky landed a straight right to the face of Asuka and knocked her down and walked off. This made Becky look unafraid of Asuka, who has had the upper hand in their bouts.

Up next is the continuing story of "What's In Rowan's Cage" (insert what's in the box gifs). Mojo asked Rowan backstage if he could look in the cage and seemed disturbed by what he saw. After a local enhancement talent put Rowan over, Rowan would show the wrestler what was in the cage and stood after with red liquid on his face. Love or hate the angle itself, atleast they are giving Rowan a reason to be on television.

Tozawa was out to do the ole J..O..B for Styles next and Styles would mock Orton's moveset and taunts in and after this match. This setup for Styles and Orton next week on Raw opposite the NCAAF National Championship.

The ongoing saga of Rusev/Lana/Lashley/LIV would kickoff the 10pm hour and Lana and Lashley would finish getting married in the ring. Before this the pastor would actually be tackled in the ring by security before cutting to commercial. Rusev would mock the newly weds in a Hawaiin shirt in front of a green screen and another match would be made for next week's Raw. After a commercial break, LIV would take note of that match and wonder if Rusev want's her in his corner.

The Queen would appear next and was supposed to take on Sara Logan however they would brawl before the match starts. This is a good way for WWE to put off doing a match for a week or so, while still filling a segment and giving the two screen time. 

Drew McIntyre created a new chant for himself this week that involves a countdown, I wonder if it has ANYTHING to do with the Royal Rumble being around the corner. He would destroy No Way Jose and his entire entourage before cutting a promo that seemingly turned him face.

Aleister Black would take on Shelton Benjamin next and the match would be fine however it was all about after the match. Murphy would attack Black after the match and leave him laying. He would sit above Black's body who he just knocked out using a chair and yet another match would be made for next week. 

This leads us to our main event of the evening, Seth Rollins and AOP vs. Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and their Mystery Partner. The Big Show would be revealed as the partner and he got a nice ovation. However Twitter had a mixed reaction to him as the mystery partner as you can see below:

This match would conclude and setup our final match for next week. A "fist fight" between the 6 men yet again. What that is? I have no idea and is probably the worst thing to come from this show. In my opinion I grade this show as an A, if WWE gave me this type of show every week I would never complain. I love that they are putting reasoning behind everyone on the show and that everyone has a story that is on screen. What are your thoughts? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic.

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