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Reader With Older Setup Shares How He Fixed His WWE Network Issues

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Wrestling News World reader Bob has an older computer setup and sent in a note about how he fixed his issues with the WWE Network. Below is his report:

I wanted to share my technical experience regarding the WWE Network. I learned early that my XP operating system along with IE8 browser is not supported per their system requirements. I have had some issues on other sites. I have an older computer both a desktop and laptop. I solved my problem by using the Firefox browser. I could not get the videos to open with XP and IE8 but was able to use all the other options. I read some comments with people experiencing the same issue. All appears to work fine on the desktop with Firefox. I had the usual first day issues but by the afternoon I was able to sign up. I have helped a few friends who have older systems like myself. None of us are techies but I have solved my own issues before.

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