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Reader Report From WWE Raw Live Event In Dublin, Ireland

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Wrestling News World reader Matthew Macklin attended Friday's WWE Raw live event in Dublin, Ireland and sent in the following report:

From what I could see the O2 in Dublin was 95% full. There were two sections that seemed to be empty. They had a new production set up this year with a ramp and three giant video screens which showed people tweeting about the show before hand.

The show kicked off with the WWE signature and Raw intro on the new tron, which made things feel more special and high tech than previous years. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer for the evening.

Brodus Clay w/Cameron def. Primo w/Rosa.
This wasn't great. Brodus won with the big splash in a match that was too long. However Rosa's dancing is a sight to behold.

Zack Ryder vs. Epico w/Rosa
This didn't really get going as Primo interfered. Brodus made the save to set up a tag match.

Brodus & Ryder def. Primo & Epico.
This was OK. Ryder got the pin after hitting the Rough Ryder. Brodus looked completely blown up towards the end of the match. He struggled to make his way to the back and looked like he was on the verge of collapsing.

Divas Championship
Eve def. AJ & Layla.
This match again suffered from being to long. Just like every other show on the tour AJ thought she won until Vickie reversed the decision. I can't remember the reason, but it was stupid.

John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler
This match was incredible. It went at least 25 minutes and had several fantastic near falls towards the end. Cena was having fun with fans at ringside as they counted down how many moves he has left every time he did something, so to everyones suprise he pulled out a picture perfect hurricanrana! The atmosphere here was great, I'd say surprisingly considering the amount of kids in attendance the crowd was 60-40 in the favour of Ziggler who was firing on all cylinders. As always he stole the show. He's quickly becoming the one of the best workers anywhere.


Michael McGillicutty def. Tensai
This match was great. McGillicutty played the underdog. Tensai is so underrated. Plenty of good back and forth action with the crowd eventually getting behing McGillicuty with some Mr. Perfect chants. He won with a quick roll up.

Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars
The one thing I learned here is that Damien Sandow is gold. His facial expressions and carry on are great to watch live. Kane and Bryan got a huge reaction coming out. This match was very similar to their Hell in a Cell match. Bryan made Cody tap to the No Lock. After a few mishaps during the match Kane and Bryan made up by hugging it out until Bryan stole the belts and ran off with them.

WWE Championship
Ryback def. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman via DQ.
Huge reaction for both men. Punk got on the mic and demanded respect before the bell, Heyman was a riot at ringside. This was also very similar to Hell in a Cell. All hell broke loose after Ryback hit the meat hook clothesline. Primo, Epico and Tensai interrupted. Kane and some other faces made the save until Ryback hit Shellshocked on Punk to send the crowd home happy. Ryback paraded around the ring with and Irish flag and greeted fans to end the show.

I was suprised that there was no Santino or Cesaro as they were on every other Raw show on the tour. 3 matches involving the Colons was 2 matches too many. It was great to see a new face ending the show. It's east to see what a great job WWE have done in making Ryback a star as he was one of the most over guys of the night. Overall a very good show considering the lack of talent in the company at the minute. Ziggler vs Cena was superb and made the night for me.

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