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Reby Hardy Puts An End To Broken Hardy Controversy

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A huge final twist has arrived in the Hardys vs. Impact story. Reby Hardy now has copyrights and trademarks to the Broken Hardy gimmicks, likeness, and intellectual property. Not only that, it now looks as though Impact will be backing off their lawsuit.

Zack Reacts: I'm thrilled to hear we can put this ridiculousness behind us. Matt and Jeff shouldn't have had any issues with using the Broken gimmick but Impact was being petty about losing some of their top wrestlers. This means if Matt and Jeff do make it to WrestleMania next weekend we will hopefully see the Broken Hardys appear instead of the Hardy Boyz. Reby Hardy has been a force to be reckoned with, it'd be amazing to watch. Impact not only shot themselves in the foot with this one, they shot themselves in both feet, the arm, and a little in the neck. They started a ridiculous lawsuit that they couldn't win, made other wrestlers not want to work with them, possibly set themselves up to get countersued, and showed just how powerless they actually are. My guess is this is the final nail in Impacts coffin.

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