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Recap Of 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speeches - Trish Pregnant, Trump vs. McMahon?, Bruno & Vince Embrace

2013 WWE Hall of Fame

Below is a recap of induction speeches given at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony from Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, April 6, 2013:

  • Mick Foley delivered what was described as one of the best WWE speeches ever. In addition to the 35-40 minute speech, Santa Claus made a cameo and Chris Jericho took an elbow [from Foley] with CM Punk making the three count.
  • Trish Stratus received a great response from the crowd and mentioned Gail Kim, Mickie James and Lita by name. She also showed off a pen Jim Ross gave her at WWE headquarters when she signed her contract. Trish revealed one of the reasons she retired in 2006 was due to her mother being diagnosed with cancer. Her husband, Ron, received some heat before Trish surprised the audience by announcing she was pregnant. She is due in September.
  • Booker T said it was Sid Vicious who gave him the call to go to WCW and that Sid was trying to get an office job at the time. He credited Sherri Martel for legitimizing Harlem Heat. Booker never forgot when he first came to WWE Linda McMahon told him "we finally got you." He thanked Jim Ross (as did Foley and Trish) and Michael Cole. Booker concluded with a Hall of Fame Spinarooni.
  • The crowd turned on Maria Menounos before Bob Backlund even made it to the stage. Backlund had a bizarre speech that featured him cutting a promo on Sgt. Slaughter where he was shouting and trying to convince Triple H to sign an amateur wrestler. The speech was said to be "indescribable."
  • Donald Trump had an enormous amount of heat, "booed out of the building" levels. Trump challenged Vince McMahon to a fight at Wrestlemania XXX in attempt to break pay-per-view buy records. The crowd popped for Trump's daughter Ivanka but were so hot, they even booed a John Cena/Make-A-Wish video.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger drew a lot of laughs when he said he tried to lift 400 lbs last week when he lifted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie out of his chair. He questioned where all the people were when his last movie came out in January. Bruno Sammartino was well-received and gave an inspirational speech. He told stories of his childhood, running from Nazis in Italy. Bruno said he never took aspirin or any pain killers during his career despite suffering injures. He married his high school sweetheart and they're still married 54 years later. Bruno will be 78 in a couple of months and still trains six days a week. He thanked the fans and said he owed it all to them. Bruno hugged Vince McMahon to conclude the ceremony.

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