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Reigns Gets Medical Attention, CM Punk Left Royal Rumble Banged Up

Roman Reigns Medical Attention

WWE has posted photos of Roman Reigns getting stitched up backstage at Monday Night Raw at this link. Reigns suffered the injury in the 6-man tag team match in a spot with Big E Langston.

CM Punk Left Banged Up

New details are emerging that CM Punk left the Royal Rumble pay-per-view with a head injury. He apparently underwent ImPACT Testing and was within normal levels. There were reports last week that he was overheard in a backstage argument with officials regarding his health but we are still unable to confirm whether or not that actually happened.

The Punk issue seems to be a polarizing issue with readers and I want to make something very clear. WWE is better off with CM Punk. I want him on the roster and feel that better long-term planning and utilization of his character and skills could have resulted in him even surpassing his popularity in 2011. I also think a WWE fan that buys a ticket should have the ability to chant whatever they want at shows.

However, this entire notion that "fans are sending WWE a message" by chanting "CM Punk" at WWE events is rather absurd. CM Punk left. We can all debate why he left but the fact of the matter is, no one knows exactly why he chose to walk out. However, WWE didn't want him to leave and Vince McMahon was trying to get him back. But at this point the company is moving on without him.

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