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More On The Release Of Alberto Del Rio - Controversial Events, WWE Doesn't Follow Protocol

WWEannounced on Thursday evening through a statement on dot com that Alberto Del Rio has been released due to "unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee." So far, I am unable to confirm what happened but I have reached out to some key contacts.

">@VivaDelRio released from

BREAKING NEWS: @VivaDelRio released from @WWE.
Full Details:

— WWE (@WWE) August 7, 2014

">@WWE. Full Details:

— WWE (@WWE) August 7, 2014

Del Rio has been no stranger to controversy during his tenure with WWE. It was just last year when he and real-life best friend Drew McIntyre (who was released earlier this summer), showed up backstage at SummerSlam looking like they had been beaten up. Del Rio had a noticeable black eye from the incident. He later claimed it happened at a WWE live event. Earlier this year he was involved in a spat on Twitter with Batista, which began as a work but turned into a shoot. Del Rio admitted in a media interview that he didn't like 70% of the guys in company. He also went on record saying that he's a "bit of an asshole in real life." I was told in recent years that WWE was worried Del Rio wasn't there for the long haul and could end up returning to Mexico. Some had speculated this was the reason for his push being scaled back over the course of the last year. It would be remiss of us if we didn't mention that Del Rio's release doesn't follow normal WWE protocol. First, the company is featuring it as a top story on their official website. Usually, they downplay releases and bury them in their "News" section. Second, they do not list his real name (Alberto Rodríguez) nor do they wish him the best in his future endeavors. An ongoing rib, most WWE releases that are announced to the public include that. We've also spoken with WWE employees, that were unaware he was fired. If Del Rio is really gone or if it's part of some type of elaborate angle, he has not Tweeted about it. If it's the former, his final bout with WWE was Tuesday night against Jack Swagger in Laredo, TX, in which he went under on this week's episode of WWE Main Event (results). He was not used at this week's Smackdown taping. August 7, 2014 7:55 PM EDT: Rob Feinstein posted the following on Facebook in regards to a possible backstage altercation between Del Rio and a member of WWE's social media staff at a recent television taping:

End update.

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