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Renee Young: Miz 'Crossed The Line' By Exposing Ambrose Relationship

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Renee Young and The Miz

Renee Young continues to play into the storyline that aired on this week’s episode of Smackdown when she smacked The Miz after he told her she was the one “sleeping with” Dean Ambrose. You can see her kayfabe Instagram post below:

I tend to have to put up with a lot with my role in WWE, but this week it crossed the line. To dare talk about my personal life like that, so distastefully, in front of so many people...well, I did what I think anyone would do. I reacted. I regret nothing.

Clearly kayfabe, there were rumors directly after the segment that Miz improvised the “sleeping with” line and that he was supposed to say she was the one “dating” Ambrose. We know The Miz was spoken with backstage about it but sometimes, there are things done to protect kayfabe. We don’t believe Renee Young is legitimately upset over the line but rather playing into one of the most talked about segments on Smackdown this year.

Young’s segment with The Miz was the most-talked about of the show this week and one of the most talked about of the year. Miz has now been credited with two of the most entertaining segments of the year, the other airing with Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack.

Here is Renee Young’s original Instagram post:

We’re under the belief that Ambrose will challenge The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at next month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. There were some concerns the IC title could be seen as a downgrade for Ambrose but all of that appears to be a wash. You can check out the segment from Smackdown at this link.

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