Report: CM Punk Gets A Restraining Order Against His Mother

CM Punk

TMZ is reporting that CM Punk has obtained a restraining order against his estranged mother.

According to their report, Punk's mother constantly asks him for money and then threatens to commit suicide if he doesn't come through. Punk claims he's tried to cut her off for the past year "due to repeated financial demands and years of abusive, harassing and threatening behavior."

Punk claims his mother suffers from bipolar disorder and that he has given her more than $100,000. She's threatened to release potentially embarrassing information about Punk's past, which is believed has to do with arrests when he was in high school.

A judge granted the temporary restraining order on June 10 but Punk is due back in court on Wednesday where he will likely try to extend it.

Richard Reacts: First off, this is none of our business and I hate stories like this. Do I run it or do I ignore it? That's the dilemma but in the end, I can't turn a blind eye to a story that's out just because it isn't pretty. That said, we're told Punk's mother gave up on him in high school. She didn't reach out to him until many years later, asking for stuff that is in this article.

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