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Report: WWE & CM Punk Engaged In Legal Battle Over Royalties

CM Punk and WWE are engaged in a legal battle, according to a new report on (featuring a mention of the Wrestling Observer). Apparently Punk sent a letter to WWE over their use of his likeness, specifically his likeness in the WWE '15 video game. Punk is seeking royalties but WWE feel they have a claim because Punk breached his Performer's Contract when he walked out in January.

It's been one of the biggest stories of the year as CM Punk left WWE the night after Royal Rumble 2014, where he was apparently disgruntled and concussed. Vince McMahon made it a priority to try and retain the services of Punk, however, was unsuccessful. His WWE contract expired in July and he is now considered retired.

The issue gets even more complicated as Punk's wife, WWE Diva AJ Lee, remains employed by the company and is considered the face of the Divas division. It's believed WWE didn't want to threaten Punk when he was under contract as Vince was hoping cooler heads would prevail and he would return and eventually sign a contract extension.

Triple H has reportedly been ready to move on since the issues started and has not been enthusiastic about Vince's efforts to get Punk back. Punk has distanced himself from the wrestling business considerably, not wanting to talk about his status even with close friends. He has resumed activity on Twitter and continues to make sporadic appearances outside of wrestling.

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