This was the 2nd year anniversary show

Commentary: Shawn Michaels & Vince McMahon

Apparently, Jerry Lawler and William Shatner had beef.

Intercontinental Championship:

Razor Ramon(c) vs Owen Hart. This was a great match good back and forth. Owen locked in the sharpshooter but Bret Hart came to the ring causing a DQ finish for Owen Hart. This lead to Jeff Jarrett coming out beating down Razor while Owen and Bret went at each other. In the end the bad guys stood tall. Loved the match great way to kick off the show.

Royal Rumble Report:

The Royal Rumble is under 2 weeks away. Pamela Anderson is the host for the Rumble. Todd Pettengill explains the rules for the Rumble. He then runs down the Rumble card

We get backstage promo from the WWF Champion Diesel talking about his rumble match with Bret Hart for the title.

Backstage promo hyping up King's Court. Jerry says if Shatner doesn't show him some respect then he is gonna put a hurting on him.

Hakushi RAW Debut:

We get Hakushi vs Matt Hardy. This was a squash match putting over Hakushi as a monstrous heel. It was great to see a young Matt Hardy on my screen.

King's Court:

The original guest for King's Court was supposed to be Bret but instead we got William Shatner. This is just a big promotional segment for Shatner's show Tech Wars. Lawler wants Shatner to say that his greatest achievement is being on King's Court. The segment ends with Shatner hitting a MONKEY FLIP on Jerry and Bret Hart coming down in support of Shatner while Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie come down to hold back The King. Overall, it was a decent promotional segment.

King Kong Bundy vs Gary Sabaugh:

This was a really quick squash match to put over King Kong Bundy and The Million Dollar Corporation.

WWF Tag Team Championship Tournament:

Bob Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid replaced The Smoking Gunns and went on to win their match against Well Dunn to advance to the semi-finals. They now have to face The Heavenly Bodies plus it's The Head Shrinkers vs Bam Bam & Tatanka. All the WWF Tag Team Tournament action takes place on Superstars.

Another vignette for Kama coming soon

Howard Finkel vs Harvey Wippleman(Tuxedo Match):

So, I don't know what I was watching here but I was glad when it was over. The winner of this match if you can even call this a match was The Fink.

Next Week:

Jeff Jarrett vs Bret Hart

Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo on Bret Hart saying that he will send Bret back to Canada.

For this to be the second anniversary of Monday Night RAW this show felt a little bit lackluster to me. The only match or should I say real full-blown match of the night was the Intercontinental Championship Match but that ended in a DQ.

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