Rey Mysterio Reacts To Alberto Del Rio Returning To WWE

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Rey Mysterio made an interesting post on Instagram that has us here at quietly smiling. First the post, then the reasoning behind it. Here we go:

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Now, we’re smiling because we’ve been all over this. The following article was published on WNW Premium on October 19, 2015:

Various reports across the Internet that WWE is interested in bringing back Alberto Del Rio are true. He isn’t locked in for Season 2 of Lucha Underground and we’re told WWE has made a “pretty strong offer.” It’s unknown if a deal will get done, at least right now. Observers claim Del Rio has really enjoyed his schedule since leaving WWE and if he were to entertain the idea of a return, he’d want it to be a reduced schedule. The offer WWE made was for a full time return.

This was also an issue with Carlito as well as he prefers a part time schedule and WWE’s offer to Carlito was for a full time schedule. The money offer to Carlito wasn’t that big, but Del Rio, if he was willing to return full time, would be making really good money.

Based on conversations we’ve had, Del Rio and Carlito could get WWE to raise their offers if they play their cards right, but the company is less likely to budge as much on the amount of dates. The entire reason they’re looking to bring back former Latin stars like Del Rio, Carlito and Rey Mysterio is because of the huge void they have on the roster right now in terms of a top Latin star.

So they really need full time guys to fill that void. If they sign a part timer, the issue hasn’t been fully addressed and they’ll still need to go find another guy.

On September 1, 2015, this was the WNW Premium cover story:

For those curious about Rey Mysterio returning to WWE, the rumors finally went widespread at some point last week. We had the story on August 14, 2015 when we explained that Mysterio does not have a signed contract from AAA to work Lucha Underground. With the show’s future up in the air, Mysterio had put feelers out to see what the response would be if he wanted to return to WWE.

We’re told Rey is still trying to play nice to see if a return would be possible. Vince McMahon is believed to be a lot more resistant than Triple H about it. But it was Vince that was a lot more resistant about letting him go in the first place. Now that Mysterio might not be able to get big money from Lucha Underground, Vince feels it would send a message to other guys considering leaving that the grass isn’t always green on the side. Vince doesn’t want people thinking they can leave and walk right back in if other endeavors do not pan out.

Hunter is believed to be taking Mysterio’s departure a lot less personal. He’s open to bringing Rey back because he realizes WWE really does need a Mexican star right now. The whole situation could take a while to thaw as Vince feels pretty strongly about it and Hunter doesn’t consider it a big enough priority to fight him over it.

Believe that!

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