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More On Rey Mysterio's Unhappiness In WWE & Desire To Return To Mexico

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There's an interesting story that's been brewing in regards to Rey Mysterio's future with WWE. His Performer's Contract was up in May, however, WWE added time because of injury.

WWE's position in the months leading up to May was that Mysterio would re-sign, however, once it became apparent he might leave to return to Mexico, those efforts were increased. Mysterio hasn't been happy in quite some time, with issues going back to the way the company handed his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy in April 2012.

For those that do not remember, the company knew of Mysterio's failure well before he was suspended in April 2012 as he was tested two months earlier. However, WWE was hoping he would be able to return from injury to work Wrestlemania 28 that year. The feeling amongst some of the workers is that Mysterio got heat when he told the office he wouldn’t be ready to return in time for the pay-per-view. Most felt that had Mysterio been able to work Wrestlemania that year, the failure would have "swept under the rug." Mysterio failed the test due to a nasal spray.

Additionally, he's one of many workers upset about the decrease in pay-per-view bonuses that are the result of the WWE Network. He's not seen as someone that needs the money and is believed to be more interested in working outside of WWE. Basically the company is refusing to let him go by extending his contract due to time lost because of injury. There were recently rumors that Mysterio had stopped depositing checks from WWE, in hopes of taking some sort of action to force his release.

Mysterio's friend Konnan used the attention he drew for his criticism of the way WWE handled the release of Alberto Del Rio to promote Rey's cause by use of the Twitter hashtag #FreeRey. In fact, he Tweeted the following earlier on Wednesday afternoon:

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