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More On Rey Mysterio's WWE Status, Wrestlemania Plans, Where He Is Today

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While doing overseas media, Rey Mysterio stated that he hopes to finish his career in WWE. He has no plans to retire and hinted he could be in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX.

We confirmed in late February that Mysterio's deal with WWE was coming up soon, however, reported the company was actively trying to re-sign him. He was believed to be in no rush to re-sign because the more interest he drew from outside companies, the more leverage he has with WWE.

Mysterio ended up going to Real Madrid's match on Tuesday, Tweeting the following photo of Cristiano Ronaldo:

He's in Rome on Wednesday, where he will speak at a school as part of WWE's Be-A-Star anti-bullying campaign:

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