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There has been chatter of Rhea Ripley getting moved up to the main roster for a few months now. All the chatter and rumors are now fact when on RAW last week it was announced she would be debuting on RAW soon. The former NXT Women's Champion and the runner-up in this years Royal Rumble Match is now on RAW and now it is time for all of us to figure out what she will be doing.

Rhea Ripley last year faced Charlotte Flair on the WrestleMania night one card in a NXT Championship match and delivered. She is great and should be placed right into the RAW Women's Title picture. How will WWE do it though? Things seem to be pointing towards Asuka versus Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women's Title. The WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are in the middle of two tag team feuds but both, mainly Jax are in the upper card of the RAW women's division. Jax has pinned Banks and Asuka recently so maybe she could feud with Ripley in a contender feud. You could also split Jax and Baszler and throw Baszler in the mix in a short triangle feud. You could also have Baszler and Ripley feud they do have plenty of history. Personally I think there is a strong case to put her right in a RAW title feud immediately. She is a known name and has already performed well in a few big matches on major main roster ppvs. 

Asuka and Charlotte Flair feud is not a guaranteed feud but with Lacey Evans gone it is inevitable. I think Ripley should be introduced into it. There can only be so many muli-person matches at Mania but I do think Ripley vs Asuka vs Flair is one that should be done. Adding Ripley to the match and feud would add a new twist to a feud and match we have seen and would also create more opportunities post the triple threat. Now I know the booking does not need to be just to Mania and maybe Ripley won't even have a Mania match but I think this will be the match or something like this. Ripley should have a big splash debut, surprise is already off the table so it should be a big match that sets up the proposed triple threat. Either a match against Asuka or Flair that is a long television match that ends with her winning and it does not have to be clean. To be honest I want to see heel Ripley not just because it's my favorite Ripley but because I think the RAW Women's division needs a heel champion to mix things up and make the division interesting. 

Last thing is Ripley should win at WrestleMania and become RAW Champion. I know I kind of already said that part. RAW women's division needs new life and a new champion is the best way to breathe new life into it. Ripley's mic skills are not the best but they are improving and she is a better talker when she's the heel so that should be fine. She is young, talented and exciting, usually WWE takes too long to pull the trigger but they should not wait on Ripley. They are not waiting with Belair though who in just under a year on the main roster is already a Rumble winner and going into a Women's Title match at WrestleMania. Ripley should get a similar push only difference being I think Belair should lose at Mania because I think Banks should have a longer reign. 

What do you think Ripley should do? Should she be in the RAW title picture right away? Or should she be in the tag division? Or should she feud with someone in the upper card close to RAW women's title picture. Let me know in the comments or on twitter @juicecannon1. 

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