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Ric Flair Returning To WWE Much To Vince McMahon's Chagrin

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Ric Flair has passed his physical and is set to return to WWE television soon, can confirm.

This has been a deal a long-time in the making as Triple H has wanted to get Flair back for several months. One of the biggest reasons Flair wanted to re-establish a working relationship with WWE was so he could help to watch out for his daughter Charlotte, the current NXT Women's Champion. Charlotte's career is important to Ric and understanding the way the business works, he wants to be as close as possible without interfering.

While Flair's role remains undefined, it will be in a non-wrestling capacity. While he had to pass a WWE physical, it was solely to make sure he was healthy enough to return to the road. It's unlikely WWE would clear him to wrestle after what happened with Jerry Lawler a couple years ago.

Madison Square Garden in New York City has added Flair to the promotional listing for the July 12, 2014 "SummerSlam Heatwave Tour" live event.

As for Vince McMahon's opinion, he's none too thrilled about Flair returning. As we reported exclusively here on, Vince doesn't trust Flair with a live mic or his ability to stay out of some sort of public scandal.

Vince stepped aside and let Triple H have his way and we'll see how it plays out.

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