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Ric Flair Rumored To Appear On Tonight's WWE Raw

Ric Flair ESPN

There is a rumor circulating social media, crediting the website, that claims Ric Flair will be used on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve been unable to confirm the rumor at press time but wanted to go ahead and note that it was circulating so that you would know its origins.

If Flair is used, it will be interesting to see in what capacity. Remember, it was two weeks ago when Paigecontroversially used the name of Flair’s late son, Reid, that sparked industry-wide outrage. Ric admitted the segment made him cry but he was afraid to voice his opinion. Will WWE insert Flair into the Paige/Charlotte storyline or will he be used somewhere else in the show to help floundering viewership? We'll find out tonight.

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