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Ric Flair Started To Cry During Controversial Raw Segment, Didn't Know About It

Ric Flair

Ric Flair talked about Paige’s controversial line regarding his late son, Reid, in the closing Divas Championship contract segment on this week’s Raw in the latest episode of his WOOOOO! Nation podcast.

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In it, Flair said he obviously has an opinion but he was afraid to voice it because he didn’t want what he said to affect Charlotte’s career. He knows that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Michael Hayes have her back but that he doesn’t think Charlotte feels comfortable saying no to anything.

Flair confirmed Charlotte’s mother, Elizabeth, was upset about it. He said he never heard a word about it and started crying when he was watching. Flair reiterated he doesn’t believe Hunter, Stephanie or Michael Hayes would do anything to intentionally hurt his daughter. He doesn’t think even if he was approached about the line that it would have mattered.

You can listen to Flair’s latest podcast at this link.

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