Ric Flair's Issues Extend Beyond Loyalty To Carolina Panthers

Ric Flair's agent issued a statement on Thursday, announcing The Nature Boy would not be attendance at Sunday's NFL Playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers.

The statement seemed to place the blame on Flair's pre-game speech to the 49ers in Green Bay last weekend and the backlash he's received from fans of his hometown Panthers. They even noted he's received death threats over the speech.

However, team loyalty is not Flair's only problem. The Charlotte Business Journalreported on Thursday an arrest warrant is still outstanding for Flair's arrest on contempt of court violations. The warrant, issued on July 3, 2013, is due to $32,352.51 in unpaid post-separation support and legal fees to ex-wife Jacqueline Beams. According to the report, the next hearing on the matter is scheduled for January 24, 2014.

Wrestling News World writer Jesse Sherwood contributed to this report.

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