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Richard Reacts To CM Punk/The Rock Confrontation That Closed This Week's WWE Raw

Embedded in the video below is the confrontation between WWE Champion CM Punk and The Rock that closed this week's WWE Raw:

I was very active on Twitter about the segment as I thought it was outstanding. Punk delivered a great heel promo that was comparable to the worked shoot promo that skyrocketed his stock in the summer of 2011. One thing that shouldn't go unnoticed is the fact he delivered the promo after working Ryback for nearly 20 minutes in a very physical TLC match. Promo work like that of Punk on Monday doesn't happen often and the fact he did it after a lengthy match really underscores his talent.

Many Punk fans and Twitter followers got upset at me when I Tweeted The Rock was better than anything WWE has on the mic. The reaction seemed to be that I thought Rock "showed Punk up" in the segment. That's not the point I was trying to convey. Many want to pick a winner, with the Punk faithful saying he won while The Rock faithful saying he won. It almost got the reaction of what happens after a presidential debate with both sides scrambling to defend their guy.

The segment was too good to simply "'pick a winner" and talk about how the other's promo work was lame. The fact of the matter is both delivered an outstanding battle on the stick that we don't see very often in today's WWE. This was a classic segment that deserves to go down as such. This is going to be an interesting program to follow that WWE is hoping will skyrocket the Royal Rumble buyrate.

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