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Richard Reacts To "A Most Mizerable Christmas" By Mick Foley

I received a review copy of the new children's book released by WWE and DK Publishing titled A Most Mizerable Christmas. The book was authored by Mick Foley with illustrations by Josh Adams. While my son is only 5 months old, I figured it would be a good opportunity to review the book.

Below is a premise of the story:

For years The Miz has bullied his classmates—including Sheamus, Kelly Kelly, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and Natalya—yet managed to stay on Santa's list of good boys. When a new kid arrives in town, he shakes the foundation of The Miz's selfish beliefs, and sets in motion a chain of events that results in The Miz trying to fool Santa Claus and his new helper, The Cenelf, on Christmas Eve! Will the new kid help everyone on Wrescal Lane enjoy the holidays while teaching The Miz a lesson, or will it be A Most MIZerable Christmas for everyone?

The new kid is played by CM Punk and you can probably guess Cenelf is John Cena. I read the book to my son on Wednesday and while he's still a little young to interpret the story and its message, the illustrations were enough to hold his attention throughout.

The book was well-written and had an excellent theme, using WWE personalities that both the reader and child can familiarize with. I didn't think it was corny and thought it flowed well from beginning to end with a message that both discouraged bullying while encouraging good behavior. I appreciated Foley's crafty style of writing which rhymed, adding to the flow throughout.

I didn't come away with much negative other than I felt the book ran a little long in length and some of the words were perhaps a bit complex for children. These words included "retribution" and "relented."

All and all it was a fun read that I would recommend if you have children, especially children that are WWE fans. As noted, my son is a little young but the artwork was so well done it kept him looking as we went page by page.

You can purchased "A Most Mizerable Christmas" at this link.

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