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Richard’s Exclusive Update: Big News On Brock Lesnar, WWE Bringing Back Past Talent, Cena At SummerSlam, Heyman Frustrated

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

- As CJ reported, WWE will announce Brock Lesnar’s opponent for SummerSlam on this week’s Smackdown, which will be taped tonight. We should have the information when it’s announced tonight in Toledo, Ohio. Regarding his fight at UFC 200 on Saturday, Brock obviously feels confident, regardless of what the oddsmakers think. He doesn’t know his future beyond UFC 200 and we cannot emphasize enough that WWE holds exclusive rights to his services. Any future fight would have to be approved by them. The comments by Stephanie McMahon that WWE was not necessarily supporting Brock’s fight aren’t entirely true as WWE had to sign off in order for him to fight.

- Someone sent us a “rumor killer” post about WWE not having contact with Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy about possibly returning to the company. I don’t know if formal contact has been made with either performer as they have contracts and commitments but I can confirm interest in both. There are others as well as WWE looks to bolster their rosters after the brand extension later this month. We’ve covered this in-depth in our Members Content and everything you read there is entirely accurate. The same is true about the situation with Kurt Angle, in which we’ve covered in depth.

- John Cena, Big Cass and Enzo Amore beat Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and AJ Styles in a dark match main event after this week’s WWE Raw in Columbus, Ohio. The finish saw Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Anderson, pinning him for the win. It’s of note Anderson did Randy Orton’s “Viper mode” and attempted an RKO. Cena had a great moment after Raw with one fan.

- Speaking of John Cena, he’s getting a lot of good mainstream press right now for his patriotic PSA. Check out this article that CNN ran today about it.

- It will be interesting to see if WWE does John Cena vs. AJ Styles at SummerSlam, as that was the original plan but then it was bumped up due to the draft. Also, remember our Premium exclusive from early June when we reported Paul Heyman pitched himself as the person behind Styles’s turn. Heyman has been frustrated over his lack of usage in WWE and he’s threatened to not re-sign when his contract comes up if they can’t find more for him to do.

- Here is what Vickie Guerrero had to say about last night’s return to WWE on Raw: ”Tonight was great being surrounded with my 2nd WWE family! EVERYONE LOOKS GREAT AND MISS YOU ALL!”

- Former WWE talent Jimmy Wang Yang was backstage at Raw and apparently met with officials. No word on what that was about but he posted photos with some of his friends (such as Natalya on his social media.

- At this point it looks like Randy Orton will work SummerSlam, as we’ve noted he’s due back just before. The speculation is already out that he’s going to be the one to face Brock Lesnar but there is nothing to back that up at this point. As we noted [and WWE announced], Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent will be announced on this week’s Smackdown. WWE wanted to make sure Lesnar’s opponent was announced prior to his fight at UFC 200 for obvious promotional purposes.

- Ric Flair’s podcast is being revamped on and his first guest will be Cody Rhodes. The episode will be released tomorrow, Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

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