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Ricochet Under Contract With WWE Through 2024


Ricochet's contract status has been up in the air since last fall when it was proposed he should leave in 2021. At that time he responded back shutting down any rumors of him leaving anytime soon. He went out of his way on social media asking where the rumors even came from as you can see below:

Which leads us to the all important week that is this week in WWE. As everyone remembers when Ricochet signed his deal with WWE 3 years ago and knows WWE was signing lots of people to 3 year deals then. This led to speculation that his deal was expiring and that he would be a free agent as nobody heard that he had signed a new deal this week. 

Which is true, except he signed a new deal likely for more money with the WWE back in 2019 when he moved to Monday Night Raw. The 5 year deal signed then would bring him through the 2024 year. This has now been reported by many outlets after Ricochet took once again to Twitter yesterday to dispel that his deal was coming up this week. 

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