The Rock Says There Were Plans Last Year For Him To Face Brock Lesnar


The Rock was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet from CBS-19 WOIO-TV for his new movie "Hercules". However, the wrestling questions popped up during the interview where he talked about Sting, working either another match or a series of matches, and whether he would face Roman Reigns. Thanks to Chris for sending us this interview! Below is an excerpt:

Does he think Sting will be in WWE?

I do, yeah. And I know a guy or two so we’ll just put it like that. I do think he’s going to come back and I think it’s going to be great.

If The Rock returns to WWE will it be for one match or a series of matches?

It’s all of the above. The one match three or four years ago that I started talking about with Vince then turned into a three year run. So who knows? I would love to go back and figure it out. After last year’s WrestleMania the idea was I was going to set up a great match with myself and Brock Lesnar but then I got hurt so that plan got cancelled. He is now in plans to do something with ba da da da which I’m not going to say (laughs) but it should be a cool match. So whenever I do go back, if it is a match it’s just got to be right in terms of who is the marquee value player that really makes sense and at that time when I went back John Cena was the number one guy in the world so we have to see.

Would a match against Roman Reigns make sense?

I don’t know if that match makes sense now because he’s not their top heel right now, so you would look at that. Unless I went in as a heel and he was a babyface.

How he kept his appearance at WrestleMania 30 a secret

By me not posting anything (laughs). I came in literally hours before and it’s one of those things where it was a very last minute decision. It was an amazing night and there’s no greater feeling as a performer than that connection with an audience.

As we reported earlier, The Rock has a "verbal agreement" for one more match and Vince McMahon wants him to face Brock Lesnar.

In this interview, he also talked about what he thinks is his biggest accomplishment as an actor, his vintage Rocky Miavia hair (which he says looks like a "pineapple") and the difference between promoting a movie and promoting a match. You can watch the full interview below or at this link:

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