The Rock's WWE Future Including Agreement For Another Match


The Rockmade a surprise appearance this week at #RawBrooklyn.

We reported on Monday afternoon he was in the City but felt an appearance was unlikely because WWE didn't promote it and he posted on social media about his whereabouts. However, an unlikely appearance became a reality on Monday night. Rock's appearance was a genuine surprise and helped spotlight Rusev and Lana, as he interrupted their segment.

As for Rock's WWE future, he has said he has a verbal agreement for one more match. We're told a match that he wants is a match Vince McMahon wants as well and that's Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. In fact, Rock has gone on record as to saying that was in the planning stages for Wrestlemania 30 at one point.

I haven't heard what was on the script and what wasn't, however, this was WWE's Halftime Show segment to help draw in viewers from Monday Night Football. The fact Rock made an unadvertised appearance without promoting anything indicates the two parties are currently on good terms. Whether or not Rock works Wrestlemania 31 is still unknown at this point but he has been featured in early promotional information for the show next March.

Richard Reacts: The Rock's return was everything WWE is missing nowadays. Genuine surprise, stellar mic work and an overall entertaining segment. I'll even save my criticism for a part-time talent showing up and taking out a guy that has been booked unstoppable. In fact, it goes to show exactly how high up the company is on Rusev and Lana to prominently feature them in such a segment. – T-shirts Sold By Pro Wrestlers


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