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Roddy Piper Wants The Rock & John Cena In Piper's Pit Before Wrestlemania XXVIII

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper wants to do a "Piper's Pit" segment with John Cena and The Rock leading into Wrestlemania XXVIII. Piper spoke to The Miami Herald about why:

“My point with this Piper’s Pit with Cena and The Rock is it would get huge ratings,” Piper said. “It would help WrestleMania 28 itself, but more than that, with the exception of me who started 14 years before the WWE, everyone in that ring has been made by wrestling. There is no outside interference.

“The number that we could get on that piece of work in itself would outshoot anybody in the outside world that they would bring in. It wouldn’t get even close to that number because they have no history. It was kind of like when they put Drew Carey in the Hall of Fame last year, and everybody booed him. He is on the outside. This would be home grown, homemade and so strong it would blow everybody out of the water.”

Read more from Piper at this link.

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