Roddy Piper At WM30, Jericho & Bret Hart, WWE Night In Cleveland, Cena On "Katie," JR Podcast Coming Soon

- Based on the Twitter activity of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, it's clear that WWE wants to do something with him at Wrestlemania XXX. What that will be, I cannot confirm as of this writing. Speaking of Piper, he noted he was headed to Orlando to do something with WWE Legends' House and was recently a guest on Steve Austin's podcast.

- The second part of Chris Jericho's interview with Bret Hart is online at this link.

- Remember that January 22, 2014 is WWE night at the Cleveland Cavilers home game against my beloved Chicago Bulls. The company is scheduled to send Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, both from Cleveland, the make an appearance. Click here to buy tickets.

- John Cena is scheduled to appear on Katie Couric's syndicated show on Wednesday. You can watch a preview at this link.

- Jim Ross starts his podcast with Podcast One in February. The current plan is for new episodes to be released every Wednesday.

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