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A Roller Coaster At WrestleMania?

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The WWE has been feverishly building the WrestleMania set in Orlando, Florida for its April 2nd debut. Each year they try to go bigger and grander than the year before, and it seems as though this year is no exception.

There have been quite a few photos leaked online of what they're building, as WrestleMania is The Grandaddy of Them All. Being that Mania is in Orlando this year, a city known for theme parks and fantastic amusement rides, it's not a huge surprise that rumors are leaking out that they're building a roller coaster right there, possibly as part of the set.

Keep checking back for more information as it becomes available.

KB Reacts: I have spent 29 years of my life working my family business, which is food concessions in a small, family owned amusement park, so I know a bit about what needs to be done to get a roller coaster legal for human use. It takes months of testing and screening before a new roller coaster can be cleared for human use - as opposed to the computerized dummies used in the safety testing. Therefore I have to conclude that they have either jumped through all the safety and legal hoops with the coaster at another location and are moving it piece by piece onto the location where Mania will happen, giving time for it to be retested on location, or they have bought an already built and approved coaster and moving it to then have it tested there. There are many metal coaster out there that can be reconfigured in many ways and are honestly not that hard to assemble in location by people who know coasters, and in Orlando, there's a lot of them. If this is a brand new coaster, it would cost in the millions, from the designer to the builders, to the safety testing, and everything else involved in making any roller coaster come to fruition, and taken at least a year from start to finish. Either way, WrestleMania will be one wild ride!

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