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Roman Reigns Discusses The Transition From Football To WWE, How Much Weight He Lost

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The Shield

The Edmonton Journal has a new article online featuring quotes from Roman Reigns to promote this week's Smackdown taping in the city. Reigns discusses transitioning from football to WWE and how much weight he's lost since being cut from the CFL's Edmonton Eskimios.

Below is an excerpt:

"When I was a kid, that’s all we ever talked about, that’s all everyone around me did,” he said. “Once things slowed down with football and I finished up in Canada, I figured out that the passion to wrestle and be a WWE superstar was still there, so it kind of summed things up for me, really focused me on getting into the business and learning how to wrestle.”

It took a year and a half to transform himself into a wrestler.

“When I started out in the CFL, I was probably about 325 (pounds),” he said. “I had a totally different frame and I had a lot more weight on me. The initial transition was getting out of football shape and slimming down, tightening up and leaning up a lot to get a different look for a performer-type body frame for sports entertainment.

“The initial goal was to get down to my earlier years of college, even a high school weight of 245, 250. Once I got to that point, I put a little more weight on to where I am now, to 265, 270.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dustyn for sending us the link.

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