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Roman Reigns: “Everyone's Been Through Hell To Get Where They Are”

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Rolling Stone has a new Q&A online with No. 1 contender Roman Reigns. Below are some of the highlights:

Biggest goal at Wrestlemania 31 besides winning the title:

I just want to go out there and do my thing, and a lot of that is winning the WWE Championship. I can't stress enough how that title is everything for us. But for me, I would like to wake up and know, "Yeah, that was a five-star, you-can't-touch-that match." I'd like to be able to walk to the back thinking, "Can't one of y'all do that." If there's one thing I've shown, I'm not scared of physicality. I'm not scared to take some of my own blood. I play hurt, I play injured. I want people to take from that match that it was one of the most physical they've ever seen. That's something we're gonna be able to leave behind. When I said last night I was willing to be carried out, I wasn't joking.

If people underestimate how football prepared him for wrestling life even thought he didn’t travel the independent circuit:

Absolutely. I'm a firm believer in everyone has their own path. If we were all Seth Rollins, then there wouldn't be anything cool about that. It's neat that everybody has their own story. For me, I didn't have an indie background, but at the same time, there's a lot of things I dealt with just even in developmental. A lot of guys are like this and don't get enough credit for it. It's rigorous. You bust your ass in that warehouse. I was hurt, banged up, bruised, nicked. I crushed the brachial nerve that runs down your neck, I've lost all strength in my right side, had atrophy, but I still wrestled. I think I missed one show, like, the day it happened. People don't realize there's way more than what you know. You can Wikipedia me, but I guarantee you there's a whole lot more than what you're reading, and that goes for every superstar. Everyone's been through hell to get where they are, and I'm not gonna let anybody talk down on what I've done just cause I didn't do what Daniel Bryan or your other favorite wrestlers did. Don't mean I didn't earn my spot.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: Roman Reigns clearly wants people to know that he paid his dues — and he did. While he may not have done it like Bryan, Rollins and Ambrose did it, he did pay his dues. However, I can’t help but read these comments and wonder if they’re the right thing to say. I’m not talking about any frivolous lawsuit, I’m talking about stories like Chris Borlandretiring after one year in the NFL due to concerns about head injuries. Again, I get what Reigns wants to do, I’m just not sure it’s what he should be saying right now.

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