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Roman Reigns On Fans Booing Him

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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was a recent guest on Cheap Heat with Pete Rosenberg to discuss a number of things including on if he ever wonders why fans boo him:

"I think there is a lot of different things you can chalk it up to I'm sure," Reigns said. "In life, everyone wants to see you do good, but not too good, you know what I mean? Once you pass that threshold of doing really well for major success, then I think the questions, possible jealousy come out and that is when negativity starts showing its face, but if you are strong in your convictions and know who you are, you have to be bulletproof to that."

Reigns also said that he doesn't care whether he gets cheered or booed but rather that he at least gets a strong reaction:

"I think it is still a very strong reaction. I have always been that way though. Before anyone knew who I was, I'm either the type of person, which I don't know if it's because of how I carry myself, how I talk, but you either like me or you don't," he said. "There is not much gray area with me. You're either with me, or you don't like me."

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