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Roman Reigns On Being A 'Gray Area', Shield Reunion & More

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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was interviewed by ESPN and said the following about him being a face or a heel:

“To me, I’m neither. If I’m totally off here then I’m totally off, but I’m the first of my type. I’m the first true gray area guy … Just being what he was born to be.”

On keeping it real and not having a defined role:

“I don’t go out there and act crazy and flail around and be a heel. I don’t come out there smiling and kissing babies, telling each town it’s my favorite town at the end of the night. I keep it real. Sometimes I’m in a good mood. Sometimes I’m in a bad one. I want my character to be as human as possible, but not just a regular human that you see every single day.

It’s just one of those things that helps me work with everybody. It’s not about, ‘Well we can’t tell this story because it’s two bad guys going against each other, or it’s two good guys.’ I can adjust to any way [we want to do it]. I can wrestle any way I want. Sometimes you fight pissed off. Sometimes you fight smart with technique. It just depends.”

On a possible Shield reunion:

“Over the next few weeks, we’ll be able to see it play out. But the main thing right now is I’ve been in the title picture for the Raw brand, so I can firmly say neither of those guys would leave [that opportunity] to rejoin The Shield, [and] rekindle that flame.

Maybe I’m a third wheel at this point. It just really depends. I feel like the next few weeks are really going to play out some important things for me. Obviously, I need to transition coming out of this big feud between the four monsters.”


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