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Roman Reigns Reacts To Nuclear Heat After Rumble Win

WWE posted a video that showcased Roman Reigns before, during and after Sunday’s Royal Rumble match.

At the end of video, Reigns is featured backstage after winning the match. The Rock gave him a hug and told him he stated the following:

You know what, I went out there, I did my thing. One helluva crowd (smiles). Whether it’s love or hate, if I can be out there. That’s all that matters to me. They’re going to make some noise, they’re going to do what they want. They paid their money, they can cheer, they can boo, they can do whatever they want. As long as I can be a part of it and do my thing, I’m smitten man.

You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: Roman Reigns came off a lot better in this piece than he did when he talked about all his critics being non-wrestlers. Reigns seems like a good dude and I’m all for his elevation. I just think WWE put him in a bad spot and failed to protect him.

The debate in Monday’s Ask WNW is that it wouldn’t have mattered but I disagree. Seth Rollins “did the honors,” by taking the pinfall to Brock Lesnar but the crowd loved that match. Philly respects good wrestling and if Reigns had been properly booked and Daniel Bryan hadn’t been quickly dismissed, I think the conversation is different today.

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