Roman Reigns Restored After Victory At WWE Extreme Rules?

WWE worked to rebuild Roman Reigns in the Last Man Standing Match against The Big Show at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. The booking of the match highlighted both positives and negatives of the company’s strategy.

The overall goal was accomplished in that Reigns made the crowd care — after they started bored and disconnected — and drew a favorable reaction at the end. The use of weapons, especially tables can be credited for slowly but surely swaying the crowd.

The negatives were the overuse of finishers, Reigns’ Superman punch coming off as weak and what Kendra Bunyon termed as predictable in-ring work. A higher degree of creativity could have benefited both and brought the crowd in earlier.

Overall it was a good but not great match that helped bring Reigns back up after he was brought down a notch following the main event at Wrestlemania 31.

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